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Booking Assessment Using SMS Technologies


November, 2013

Table of Contents
1. Abstract 3
2. Introducion 4
3. Objective 6
4. Scope. 7
5. Assumptions 8
6. Mandatory/Optional Dependencies 9 6.1 Proposal and Customer 9 6.2 Proposal and Invoice 9 6.3 Proposal and Work order 9 6.4 Work order and Work assignment 10 6.5 Work order and Task 10 6.6 Work Assignment and Employee 11 6.7 Work assignment and Materials 11 6.8 Work Assignment and Employee 12
7. M: N Relationships 13 7.1 Work_Assignment and Employee 13 7.2 Work_Assignment and Materials 13 7.3 Work_Order and Tasks 13
8. All possible tables of the ER Design 14
9. Why we need ER Diagram for the Scenario 18
10. Why we used relational model rather than using the hierarchical model 19 10.1 Hierarchical Model 19 10.2 Relational Model 19 10.3 Why we used Relational Database 19
11. Suggestions for the Improvements 21
12. Importance of the Database Modeling phase in a Database Development Project 22 12.1 Modeling Steps 22 12.2 Database Deigning Process 22 *

Short Message Technology (SMS) is commonly used among the students modern world as it is a reliable mobile technology. Thus, to simplify the process of assignment booking and to save time SMS technology can be used effectively. In this project, the development of an SMS based assignment booking system is presented. Using the SMS interface, students would be able to send requests for time slots and receive the availability of that slot. Online assignment booking system completely depends on internet connection and also it consumes time. However, GSM coverage required for SMS technology is more reliable as it always exists almost everywhere and also sending SMS with time slot will not consume much time. Thereby, SMS based assignment booking system will overcome the existing problem. Waterfall model methodology was used for this project as it allows departmentalization and managerial control. For the booking, this system uses Visual Basic runtime environment connecting database server, access 2010. For the display of timeslots Dreamweaver connecting to database server is used. Since requirement for internet connectivity is no longer needed for assignment booking SMS based booking will definitely be beneficial for students.

The main objective of this project is to overcome the problems of online assignment booking system which is currently being used. In online booking system students need to login through portal and send a mail requesting time slot. Finally, the requested time slot will be confirmed or rejected by the university staff depending on the availability of the slot. This process requires internet connectivity and time. Because of lack of time and facilities students find difficult for allocating time slots for their assignments. In case of unavailability of requested time slot, students need to begin the booking process again. Our system aims to resolve these problems by eliminating the requirement for internet connection and also offering a reliable and cost effective solution which is the SMS based assignment booking system, more suitable for students.
There are two ways of building this system. : Using GSM modem and using SMS server. In the first method, GSM modem was configured with AT commands so that it directs the SMSs to Visual Basic runtime environment and eventually data will be entered in the database. In the second method all the SMSs will be stored in SMS server. Then system administrator has to view the SMSs and perform the time allocation. SMS server will send an acknowledgement to student once the SMS is received. This method can be further extended by connecting the SMS server to any database. In both methods time allocation will be performed by university staff. In the future time allocation can be performed automatically. Eventually, this project will help students by eliminating the problem of online assignment booking.

3. Objectives 1. To analyze and partially implement the SMS based assignment booking system.
Existing online booking system has some drawbacks such as requirement for internet connectivity and time consuming. Since SMS based booking system seemed to overcome these problems, it was analyzed and partially implemented using GSM modem and database. 2. To compare the SMS based technologies.
Two ways of SMS based technologies were compared: 1. Using GSM modem 2. Using SMS server. 3. To build a new database system with students’ details
Since few more entities are required for the SMS based system, new database was built depending on the task requirement.

4. Scope 1. Analyzing the SMS technology
Analyzing SMS technology suitable to book assignment lab slots through SMS. There are two ways of SMS Technology can support for this system. 1. Developing an own GSM modem SMS gateway server 2. Hiring a private SMS gateway server

2. Use target for students and staff
The main target users are student that want to use to do the assignment in the lab. The user must have mobile phone and able to send SMS command to the server. The instructor can fully controls of the system deleting are approving any booking that made by the users. Student can only request for lab usage for certain time

3. Application module
Booking system module, system administration module
This project needs two main modules to make system work properly. The first module of this system is booking system. The main function of this module is to receive request from user check the availability of assignment lab slot approve user request are reject user request. And send information of booking system. The system administration module will make the decision of rejecting are approving.

4. Project Platform and network connection
This system will be developing using visual basic and for the GSM modem used to configure by the AT commands (GSM modem programming interface. Some module may develop to use because of comparing the technology MYSQL, Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway

5. Project Significant
In this system all assignments system will require to book lab before in can use that lab. This system is help to students to book the assignment lab slot. It will save their time and make sure it is booked. For the student they no need to email are filling up the forms to book the assignment lab slots.

6. Expected output
The expected output of this project is to analyzing the SMS technologies to book the assignments lab slots .There are two way of system can be develop in that select the suitable technology and implementing It for the system. The GSM modem gateway server technology is more reliable the user. Instructor can easily manage his system because all network and system configuration will be stored and can be reconfiguring anytime. It can use multiple GSM modem to improve system reliability and function also ability to select different mobile carrier that most suitable with user phone number to save cost and time. If use the second technology that hiring private server then it cost a lot and unable to reconfigure all the time if their system is down have to wait for them. So the output of this project is analyzing the technologies and come out with the proper technology partly develop system to book the assignment through SMS.

5. Literature review This review about project methodology is way to use all available approaches, technique and tools used to achieve predetermined objectivities. Those have many way can be approached such as qualitative method like analyst of interview, quantity method like forecasting, statistical and modeling and combined method in software methodology. Therefore with have used applicable methodology project it can help and manage and maintain the system development. There has been an increasing interest in academic institutions using mobile devices to Support teaching and learning. There has been an increasing interest in
SMS is the most commonly used mobile application in the world. This sort of Mobile application will apparently be easier to use as a tool. It can be considered as the extreme form of flexible booking. As assignment booking is done by students only the number of people using the booking system is limited. In this type of situation SMS is more preferable since the users are already known. Lack of time is the problem faced by many students nowadays. Hence, SMS based booking system will be able to save time for students.
Also, this system can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with low cost. For the purpose of authentication system administrator will be given the mobile numbers along with the students’ name prior to commence the booking.
SMS has been a very good solution where the problem of lack of connectivity arises. In the past in emerging markets, one of the main challenges faced by job seekers is basic connectivity: To provide good information about available work and to link the job seekers with employers, few solutions had emerged. One of the solutions is SMS based system. (Amber Houssian, Mohammad Kilany, and Jacob Korenblum, ). Job ads and mini-CVs are created in the form of SMS by employers and job seekers respectively. Then those SMSs were sent to central database. Using database CVs and job ads were matched comparing the requirements and qualification. Thus, the job seeking task was made faster and better. Public traffic query system was based on WEB and WAP and SMS services. In case of WEB based system connectivity is the major problem and communication cost is higher for WAP based system and also some mobile phones did not support this service. (Nanchang, Jiangxi ) . It was concluded that SMS based service was very convenient, cheaper and overcome the many obstacles faced in WEB and WAP based systems. There are two forms of message sending: gateway SMS technology and SMS technology. Internet connectivity is required for gateway SMS technology. However, this technology is faster and also it has bigger throughput capacity. SMS technology can work through computer and GSM modem. Internet connectivity is not required and also it is simple, low cost and slow. When compared to SMS gateway technology, real time is good and the arrival rate is high for SMS technology. (Jianming Chen, Lin Tang, XiangZhang) In a generic information system, user sends an SMS to the SMS gateway application. Once the message is received the the SMS gateway application will forward it to the server application. Then the server application processes the SMS and makes a dynamic link to the relevant database. It is how the SMS is connected to database.( Muhammad Saleem1 , Kyung-Goo Doh).

(Muhammad Saleem1 , Kyung-Goo Doh)

An agricultural SMS management system was constructed using GSM modem.Users were able to send queries using mobile phones in the form of SMS. The SMSs were stored in databases and analyzed. It was a two way communication as the responses for the queries were also sent as SMSs. This simple system ran efficiently with full features.. (Wanlin Gao, Ganghong Zhang, Xinlan Jiang, Qing Wang, Lina Yu, Lin Lu).

I have made some assumptions when I am drawing the Entity Relationship Diagram. 1. When students register for the subjects Student_subj_register table will be filled for each subject registration by the student
2. Possible Lab_Slots will never change. 8:30 - 10:30, 10:30 - 12:30

4.1Problem Statement
4.1.1Internet connection availability
The current online system using web base application was application was very dependable with internet connection or network connection may not available on certain location while user want to book an assignment lab slot or cancel their booking. They will need to find a place that have internet connection either go back to their room or cancel the lab booking manually.

Student must fill-in lab usage form manually
The current booking system only available with manually student login through the portal and request their lab slot through mail and it technician want to confirm their slot

Information and alert may delayed
Current system only use email to alert users about their booking either approved or rejected. Sometimes users doesn’t have a time to open their email they wouldn’t know either their request approved are rejected. Other than that, because of internet connection distributions any information or alert may delay

Feasibility analysis
Technical Feasibility (Highly risk)
Familiarity with current system (low)
Hence the booking system is already in use by the staff members and the
Administrator, they have clear idea what the logic works behind the system.
Current booking process runs with administrative staff’s assistance.
Familiarity with technology High risk)
Current booking system works on web based (Netlab), hence all the members who are using
The system is familiar with basic web browser operations. This project mainly developed in AT commands and Visual basic commands.
Project size (small)
Functionalities proposed in the system is low. Simple visual basic application and configure through SMS server.
Organizational Feasibility (medium)
Project Champion
The project champions are Kanthi
Administrator's management
There may be concerns on administrator’s performance.
All the work process flow will be redefined with authorization demands.
Students can manage their time very well. Members get 24/7 availability of the system.
Members will get the confirmation about the time reservation, while administrators will happy about system response.
Other Stakeholders
Laboratory assistants will feel easy to do their job.
Additional Comments
Administrative staff will play the key role in this system
Performance of the system slightly depends on the performance of the mobile network coverage.
System training will be conducted through the help and support page of the system by me

Database analyzing
In Software development life cycle is very important to understand all the user requirements about the system users. And also should come up with a proper Entity Relation Diagram which is very much important for the further design of the project. Because richness of the project is mostly depends on its database design. So have to identify all the entities and relationships of the specification. With a well designed database it becomes easy to manipulate all the data, easy to expand the System and also can retrieve and manage data in an efficient manner.
According to the specification, project carries out lot of internal and external tasks. They are involved in works such as Reserving assignment slot, keeping student and instructor details, assignment detail as well. Doing all these works manually is bit difficult and wasting the time as well. As applying relevant Information Technology to their company will help them to make the booking slots work easy. And finally I have mentioned the importance of the database modeling phase in a database development. * Choosing the model Relational Database
Relational databases are based on relational set theory. Normalization is a vital component of relational model of databases. Relational operations, supported by the relational databases work best with normalized tables. A relational database supports relational algebra, consequently supporting the relational operations of the set theory. Apart from mathematical set operations namely, union, intersection, difference and Cartesian product, relational databases also support select, project, and relational join and division operations. These operations are unique to relational databases. Relational databases support an important concept of dynamic views. In a relational database, a view is not a part of the physical schema, it is dynamic. Hence changing the data in a table alters the data depicted by the view. Views can subset data, join and simplify multiple relations, dynamically hide the complexity in the data and reduce the data storage requirements.
So comparing with hierarchical data model relational data model has lot of advantages. That is the reason for selecting the relational data model for the scenario.

1. Importance of the Database modeling phase in a Database Development Project Data modeling is a way to structure and organize data so it can be used easily by databases. Unstructured data can be found in word processing documents, email messages, audio or video files, and design programs. Data modeling doesn't want these ugly data rather; data modeling wants data that is all made up in a nice, neat package for processing by a database. So in a way, data modeling is concerned with how the data looks.
In software Development Life Cycle we use ER Diagrams for the Data modeling. ER Diagram is a High level description of a conceptual data model. ER Diagrams are drawn when designing a database system, After the systems specification, this diagram shows the type of information that is to be stored in the system and how these information associate with each other such as one to many, many to many etc.
To come up with a good, efficient database software there should be a proper database design. Then only we can manipulate that data as need and without any delay can retrieve that data easily. Have to reduce the redundancy of data and also we have to reduce the number of null values in the database table etc. Because then only the database will work in an efficient way. Because of that huge weight is given for the database modeling in system Development life cycle.

Database implementation application analyzing (access database, MY SQL)
I choose to database application because earlier I started with the access because the data view and the design view make it easy to set up Access is easy to entering data through the data entry forms. All kinds of rules to make sure enter the right kind of data can be implemented. Access has become an industry standard in desktop use and the database engine is quite powerful. Integration with voice recognition features makes data entry and menu navigation quite easy. There are a so many templates, in online, which make creating new databases quite easy. When try to connect with the website interface the problem arises. The difficulty pointed out by many is how publishing anything other than static files is a problem with Access. It takes quite a bit of work to make data access interactive. Can use SharePoint but have to invest more amounts in to implement. The SQL in MS Access is not as robust as other databases. There is a very prevalent belief that Access is oriented towards developers rather than end users. This is not help for the end users to view their detail through website, So second option choose for this project is MYSQL as a database .To view the student and instructor detail through the website. As well as maintain the database and easy to connect with the website interface because this connectivity. This ODBC protocol is the big problem for the access database to connect with the web interface because this ODBC 12.0 .4.0 only support for the certain web development tools interfaces other than that it won’t support. Choosing access as a main database
The access database is just a simple file with all data. The client will open the file and has to find out which records of the 1000 records are required. So it will read some indexes or fields and based on the answer request some other data. So there is a big communication between the client and the server. For the testing purpose can use the access database. When working with MS Access in the local the performance was quite bad on a local LAN when multiple clients were accessing the database. And the performance will get worse more data is inserted into the database. The best one in real database maintenance the ms SQL are SQL server are chose able ones

Chose of visual basic as a programming language
The VB provide a starting point in the conversion process that many other languages do not provide. It provides less opportunity of instability in the produced application. This provides a more stable and secures production of code. Within a matter of minutes a complete Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be produced. For the development it is requiring a less programming time and less design time. Project wizards when creating a new project or just adding a new form or button, the environment will automatically generate the default coding to have the objects appear. Some time the wizards that can provide default coding to have some functionality within application. This translates to a working application can be designed and coded in a fraction of time than some other languages. Interfaces of COM components can be easily called remotely via Distributed COM which makes it easy to construct distributed applications.COM components can be embedded in linked with application's user interface.

SMS server analyzing
An SMS server is internally installed a serer client in the computer that allows users to send SMS messages from mobile to computer. Mobile phone users served by these servers gateway. A SMS gateway provider facilitates the SMS traffic between subscribers, acting as the server or network hub for the individual messages, much like a service provider for internet or websites. The SMS Gateway provides the path so that the SMS messages can be sent directly to and from recipients, avoiding delays and message loss, through optimized routing, and is frequently used corporately for communications.
Along with many commercial software products, open source SMS gateway software can be downloaded online.

GSM network analyzing
GSM (global system for mobile communications) it is originally from group special mobile. Is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world.GSM differs from its predecessors in the both signaling and speech channels are digital call quality so it consider as a second generation mobile phone system.gsm also pioneered a low cost alternative to voice calls. The short message service also supported to other mobile standard as well which means that mobile phones connected to it by searching for the cells in immediate vicinity.

GSM modem GSM-2303R

GSM it is originally from group special mobile. Is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world.GSM differs from its predecessors in the both signaling and speech channels are digital call quality so it consider as a second generation mobile phone system.gsm also pioneered a low cost alternative to voice calls. The short message service also supported to other mobile standard as well which means that mobile phones connected to it by searching for the cells in immediate vicinity.

For this project I used WAVE GSM-2303R modem. The tables the basic design of the modem. Most GSM modems are capable of acting like standard serial device. just write the AT commands to the serial port they are attached and get the response Some GSM modems other than this modem use proprietary drivers and do not act like a standard serial device. In that case have to work with the manufacturer of that device needed libraries.

Model | GSM-2303R | Chipset | Based on WAVECOM module Q2303A | Design | Industrial design, Aluminum casing | Internet | Wireless Access to internet | Band | 900/1800MHZ | AT Commands | Support remote control by AT Commands | Interface | DB-9 RS232 Serial Port | SIM slot | 3V SIM card slot | DTMF | yes | Work | Send and receive data and SMS | SMS | Point-to-point and MT SMS cell broadcast Text and PDU mode | Output power | 900MHZ 2W (Class 4)1800MHZ 1W (Class 1) | Input Voltage | 6-36V DC | Input current | 1A-2A | Working tempStore temp | -20 to +60C-25 to +70 | Accessories | AC-DC Adapter, RS232 Cable, 2 mounting palters, Antenna |

It connected with the pc through the rs232 cable, for the project it mainly used to communicate with comport to communicate modem with the database. Serial port is a computer interface that transmits bits one at a time. The interface can have as few as three lines .one to carry data in each direction plus a ground line. Many interfaces have up to six additional lines to carry status and control information.
Unlike some serial interfaces the standard RS-232 serial interface on PCs doesn’t include a clock line. Instead, the computers at both ends of the cable each provide a clock. The computers must agree on a bit rate for transferring data, and a Start bit synchronizes the clocks before each transmitted byte.
RS-232 is a hardware interface that transmits 0s and 1s as positive and negative voltages. A typical RS-232 cable can be up to 100 ft long. Interface chips such as Maxim’s MAX232 converts between 5V logic and RS-232 voltages.

At commands analyzing how it work
AT commands is used to specify settings for modems. The majority of these commands are run from either a MS-DOS window or hyper terminal to test the modem or to set particular settings for the modem.

Serial port and GSM modem

The serial communication is by essence point-to-point. A point to multipoint communication that has to be done by a written protocol for the project. To write some sort of protocol stack that implements routing. There is no concept of routing in simple serial data, which just are bytes sent and received. To route a message from source to destination must create a serial packet structure that includes routing information, or use one that someone else has created.
A more common use of a GSM modem would be to establish a network connection, as would be used to connect to the Internet. This would not use a serial port control such as Comm or the built in Serial Port object. the VB2008 program which communicates with an modem or PC to PC together by sending and receiving ASCII data To communicate with the serial port using Visual Basic, the MsComm control must be utilized to allow serial data transfer via a serial port Com1,Com4.

Analyzing about connection between access database and visual basic

For the new office suite version 2007 comes with brand new file formats. One of them is the new Access database format version 2007 with accdb extension. Of course there is a new connection string for those new access databases. can use the connection string below to access the accdb databases

Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=C:\database1.accdb;Persist Security Info=False;

In addition, if using passwords to access the database can include the connection string like below;

Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=C:\database1.accdb;Jet OLEDB:Database Password=MyDbPassword; but without using the password is good for the testing purpose

Analyzing about connection between mysql and dream viewer


Database Design
From this project I have come up with the database design for the SMS server. This project was described all the Entities and all the relationship of them. And I have shown 1:1, 1: M, M: M relationships between those entities. Furthermore described all the possible tables and the primary keys and foreign keys of those tables the reason for selecting why I took that as an entity and all the attributes of the Entities.
The design described all the tables with its composite primary keys and foreign keys. And further more. And this database design has two diagrams where the first diagram shows all Entity Relationship diagram with its relationships and all. And the second Diagram shows all the possible tables with its primary keys and foreign keys and also resolved M: N diagrams with their composite primary keys.

1. Entity Relationship Diagram
The figure 1.1 shows that from the third normalization this entity relationship diagram there are nine entities and their attributes
Figure 1.1

1. ER Diagram (With resolved Tables)
This Figure with the primary key and the foreign key to implement on the real database

Figure 1.2

Mandatory/Optional Dependencies 1.2 Subject and Assignment
Figure 1.3

One subject should have more Assignments. And many assignments have 1 or more assignments are submitted to one subject figure 1.3 refers it
3.2 Lab_schedule and LAB_slots
Figure 1.4

One Lab schedule can have one or more Lab slots. And many lab slots can have one Schedule figure 1.4 refers it
M: N Relationships 1.2 Student and subject

Figure 1.5

One student can register and study more subject. One subject learns by more student .So this is a Many to Many Relationship.(figure 1.5 refers it)
So it added another entity between those two Entities as Student_Subject_register
Entity Name: Student_Subject_register
* Primary Key (Student_id) * Subject_id

1.2 Work_Assignment and Materials
Figure 1.6

One student can use more number of lab slots time. And one lab slot time can be used by many students Figure 1.6 refers it shows that.
So this is a Many to Many Relationship.
So it added another entity between those two Entities as Lab_Scheduled_student_registration
Entity Name: Lab_Scheduled_student_registration
* Primary Key (Slot_id)

Adding with server
When using the SMS server based system two entity will get add on with this ER diagram.
With the hiring of ( SMS provider then straight away SMS server can able to connect with the database. Then SMS server automatically detect the message from the student and able to reserve the time slots. But it need SQL server as a database system figure 1.7 shows that
Figure 1.7

Use case diagram
This use case diagram shows that the uses of this sytem for the student and the instructor .figure 1.8 shows that.

Figure 1.8

System analysis and process modelling
Figure 1.9
Figure 1.9 shows the process between the system and the users.

Implementation is going to be in two methods .method1 is my objective that received the SMS through WAVE GSM modem and automatically reserve the slot .for this system need to build up an VB command line basis and instruct the comport to receive and send the messages. For that first need to setup the modem through HyperTerminal to text mode .because the modems are normally build up by the PDU mode so need to reconfigure it. Then use the command line basis in VB to c configure comport according to the AT commands to receive and send SMS.
Method two is get the SMS server from the providers and install the WAVE GSM modem to that server and setup it to receive the SMS then through the application manually insert the data .

Changes with the proposal * Change the VB6 to Visual basic 2008 * Change the modem type to WAVE GSM modem * Used the 32 bit access to 64 because of OLEDB system configuration * Used MYSQL to view as a web page but when trying to connect there are some errors in the mysql version and the dream viewer supporting version

Database implementation
Implemented the database in two database application software’s (my SQL, Access) Access database to connect with the VB and do the automatic system for this project .through the command line configure the database that automatically receive the SMS and reserve the slot in the database manually but up to database implementation these (figure 2.1, 2.2) shows that same entity design implemented in the MY SQL and the access database.
I used my SQL because I can’t view the access database for the users because connecting the access database with the web interface is very difficult.

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.2

Visual basic connection with the database
In VB 2008 Application connecting with Access 2010 .accdb database. Part of this application is to connect to a DB and update or add records in the DB. Creating a connection through wizard then VB will save a local copy of the DB after connecting. However it is not a permanent connection. The figure 2.3 shows that connection between table and the visual basic 2008.
Figure 2.3

Creating the application
After connecting the database building the form with the same entity’s
Figure 2.4

The figure 2.4 shows that SMS booking application this application the database is is develop by the combination of forms.

Figure 2.5

The figure 2.5 shows that able to insert the slot id for the particular student by manually

Figure 2.6

The figure 2.6 shows that scheduling the lab slot and if want to reserve the slot for the student click on the (click here to reserving slot) the figure 2.5 will display.

Figure 2.7

The figure 2.7 shows that can able to add the subject and the course code to database
Figure 2.8

The figure 2.8 shows that can able to add the Instructor details to the application

Figure 2.9

The figure 2.9 shows that able to add the student details to the database

Importing the OLEDB library implementing the connection between database and VB

Making the database to string

Me = table
Table itslf calling the table adapter

According to this picture ACE.OLEDB belongs to OLE DB. If you are an application developer using OLEDB, set the Provider argument of the Connection String property to “Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0”, this driver was released with Office 2007. It is possible to use the Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 to connect to older versions of access the database is belongs to the OLE DB provider

Setting up the modem
I configured the modem through HyperTerminal to make sure that modem is working with text mode. Because when writing the VB command line in comport it redirect the modem to receive the SMS and send the SMS
Put a valid SIM card into the wave GSM modem. Connect the GSM modem to the computer and set up the corresponding wireless modem driver. Download the driver are get it from the manufacture. Run the by selecting Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications ->HyperTerminal.
In the Connection Description dialog box, enter a name and choose an icon for the connection. Then click the OK button. In the Connect dialog box, choose the COM port that wave GSM modem is connecting to in the Connect using combo port. These figure (2.4,2.6)shows that the port and bit rate set.

Figure 2.6
Figure 2.4

Type AT in the main window. A response OK will be return from the wave GSM modem. If this happen the modem is connected with computer. The figure 2.7 shows that it return ok and when I use the AT+CPIN it return error because the pin already set. AT +CGMI gives the name of modem

Figure 2.7

The AT command +CMGF (command name in text: Message Format) is used to select the operating mode of the GSM/GPRS modem or mobile phone. It takes one parameter. The value of the parameter can either be 0 or 1. The values 0 and 1 refer to SMS PDU mode and SMS text mode respectively. SMS PDU mode is the default mode if it is implemented on the mobile device. The modem configuring at commands is divided in to two modes PDU mode and TEXT mode. The PDU mode message is an old format, the second message format is ASCII text format. Test the modem with (AT+CMGF=0) if answer is 0 then it is in PDU mode. If AT+CMGF=1 it is text mode are able to change the mode. Figure 2.8 shows how to change the mode in to TEXT mode.

Figure 2.8

Writing command for the comport rs232
Imports System.IO.Ports

Public Class Form1

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

Dim SMSEngine As New SMSCOMMS("COM1") Dim _ContSMS As Boolean

'the port needs to be initialised

Dim SMSPort = New SerialPort With SMSPort .PortName = "COM1" .BaudRate = 9600 .Parity = Parity.None .DataBits = 8 .StopBits = StopBits.One .Handshake = Handshake.RequestToSend .DtrEnable = True .RtsEnable = True .NewLine = vbCrLf End With

If Not (SMSPort.IsOpen = True) Then SMSPort.Open() End If ' SMSPort.Open()

Making the comport values as a string 'this is the set of AT commands to be written on serial port

SMSPort.WriteLine("AT") 'set command message format to text mode(1) 'SMSPort.WriteLine("AT+CMGF=1" & vbCrLf) SMSPort.WriteLine("AT+CMGS=""+33146290800""<CR>Please call me soon, Fred." & vbCrLf & Chr(26))

'set service center address (which varies for service providers (idea, airtel)) ' SMSPort.WriteLine("AT+CSCA=""+919822078000""" & vbCrLf) ' enter the mobile number whom you want to send the SMS ' SMSPort.WriteLine("AT+CMGS= + TextBox1.text + " & vbCrLf) _ContSMS = False ' SMSPort.WriteLine("+ TextBox1.text +" & vbCrLf & Chr(26)) 'SMS sending

' Dim i As Integer

SMSEngine.Open() 'open the port SMSEngine.SendSMS("919822078000", "Hello") 'send the SMS

End Sub


setting a webpage through dream viewer

Method 2
Connecting GSM modem with SMS server

Connecting GSM modem with Database

Database Testing

Journals Websites database references
Access Database At commands Books


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...Terminus Hotel Budgeted Fixed  Cost Theoretical Practical Normal Master‐Budget         10.000.000,00 €         10.000.000,00 €         10.000.000,00 €         10.000.000,00 € Budget Capacity  Level (Rooms) 500 495 300 200 Budgeted Fixed Cost  per day and room                           54,79 €                           55,35 €                           91,32 €                         136,99 € Variable Cost  per room and                  13,00 €                 13,00 €                 13,00 €                 13,00 € Budgeted  Total Cost        67,79 €        68,35 €       104,32 €       149,99 € 1. Pearson Travel asks for its regular booking of 25 rooms per day @ 140€. The Management declined the offer  after consultation with the Financial Department. Financial Department is using the Master‐Budget Method for their assesment. As seen in the table above, if the  10M€ is divided by the prevision of 200 rooms and after the addition of the variable costs, the Cost would be  higher than the 140€ offer that they have received. After this decission, the forecast for the year will need to be adjusted as the occupancy will be lower now; Master‐Budget         10.000.000,00 € 175                         156,56 €                 13,00 €       169,56 € 2. Impressa Reisen offered 159€ per day and room and requested 15 rooms per day for the year 2004. Again,  management turned down the bid since the calculated cost following the Master‐Budget Method was higher  than the offfer. ......

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Operations Management

...| ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET (NON BARCODED) | Programme of Study: | MBA | Paper Name: | Operations Management | Lecturer: | Dr. Lincoln Wood | Assessment: | Assesment 1 (Group Report) | Paper Code & Stream: Eg 476680/60 | 468911(Mon 6pm) | Word Count: 1529 | Statement of Academic Honesty This assessment has been written by me and represents my own work. This work has not been previously submitted. All sources information has been appropriately acknowledged and referenced. I have maintained and will continue to maintain the confidentiality of any persons/organisations referred to in this assessment. I permit this assessment to be copied for academic processes (such as moderation). I have retained a copy of this assessment electronically. Complete this section for group assessments only. Tanya Chappell – 1313490 Richard Drake – 1272878Saku Abeysuriya – 0437411 Brendon McPhail - 13827929 | LATE ASSESSMENTS You must ensure that this section is completed if the assessment is being submitted after the original assessment deadline. Date handed in? | ........./........./......... | Extension granted? | YES / NO | Operations Management | Assessment 1 –......

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Jetblue - Strategic Analysis

...STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (EBS5103) CASE STUDY INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Ahmet Beşkese BAHÇEŞEHİR UNIVERSITY May 2015 1. INTRODUCTION This report is based on strategic analysis of JetBlue from it’s the establishment date to year 2003. In order to the analysis, a precise strategy is decided upon for JetBlue Company. 2. HISTORY David Neeleman was born in Brazil, Sao Paulo in 16 October 1959. He attended the University of Utah for three years then he dropped out university and served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for two years. He made his beginning in establishing own business by renting out condominiums in Hawaii. Then he established his own travel agency and began chartering flights from Salt Lake City to the islands. He was co-founder with June Morris of charter airline Morris Air, a low-fare airline. From 1984 to 1988, he was an Executive Vice President of Morris Air. From 1988 to 1994, he was the President of Morris Air Corporation. In 1993, Morris Air was then acquired by Southwest Airlines for $129 million. For 5 years, he worked on the Executive Planning Committee at Southwest Airlines. By 1994, he left Southwest Airlines after signing a five year noncompeting agreement. With his experience of aviation, he established a company named Open Skies which a touch screen airline reservation and check-in systems company that acquired by Hewlett Packard in 1999. At the same time, acted as a consultant to another......

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Sales Methods

...Sales assignment Cover page MSc in Digital Marketing (Module code MKT42000) Module: Sales and Sales Management Lecturer: John Collins Assessment 1. (In no more than 1200 words) – worth 20% of overall course assessment as mentioned in the course outline Companies excel by practicing 1 of 3 strategies: Product leadership innovation and the best quality goods and services are offered Operational excellence – low cost and process efficiency are delivered Customer intimacy The best total solution (service/relationship building) Your brief Select a company for each strategy mentioned above. (i.e. one company per strategy) . (i.e. one company per strategy) Advise the sales manager of the sales method they should be using for each company. Explain clearly why you believe that this method is appropriate and why other sales methods are inappropriate. Advise the sales manager as to the type of salespersons they should be recruiting. For one company only Using the SPIN Model (i.e., Situation, Problem, Implications, Need) prepare a list of questions you would use if selling to a buyer. Finally, using the Formula Selling model prepare a list of questions you would use if selling to a buyer where this model is appropriate. Background Sales Methods Stimulus ‐ Sales/No Sales Formula Selling ‐ AIDAS SPIN – Situation, Problem, Implications, Need NAME- MARK FITZGERALD STUDENT NUMBER-12254208 E-MAIL- Word count- 1,297......

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Honda Case Analysis

...E-Business Group Final Presentation and Project Depth Analysis AirBnB Tuesday Session-16h30/19h30 Agbaba Felipa- Bal Laura- B00538278 Castaneda Pablo- B00681481 Gillet Clara- B00537943 Hourlier Giovanni- Rimoux Tess- SUMMARY 1. Size and importance of the market globally, in Europe and (if relevant) in France 2. How the sector has traditionally worked 3. The effect of the Internet on the sector 4. Who the major global players are (then discuss one of the major global players as a more detailed example) 5. E-business models being used by the major player you chose in part #4 (including analysis of revenues and costs involved; you can use the business model canvas as a guide) 6. Consumer reaction to e-business in the sector (not just the chosen company, but the sector as a whole) 7. Future development of the sector driven by e-business (the sector as a whole) 1. Size and importance of the market globally, in Europe and (if relevant) in France. Tourism is one of the most dynamic and resilient economic sectors. With international globalization tourists’ arrivals are reaching one billion each year and growth only expected to increase. Opportunities in the tourism industry are endless. Europe is the world’s most visited regional destination, an increase of 5% in international tourist arrivals has been noticed. It’s the highest increase across all regions and a notable result for a rather mature region. In France tourism is a major industry,......

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Customer Satisfaction in B2B Selling Relationship

...A Project Report On “Study On Customer Satisfaction In Business To Business Selling Relationship’’ Submitted To: Submitted By: Dr. P. Sridharan Ayan Naskar Associate Prof. & H.O.D. Roll no: 14382008 Pondicherry University MBA-International Business In Partial Fulfilment of Award of MBA-International Business Pondicherry University DECLARATION I, Ayan Naskar student of MBA-International Business from Pondicherry University hereby declare that I have completed my project on “Study on customer satisfaction in business to business selling relationship” as part of the course requirement. I further declare that the information presented in this project is true and original to the best of my knowledge. Date: 18.06.2015 Name:- Ayan Naskar Place: Kumardhubi, Jharkhand Reg. No: - 14382008 CONTENTS CONTENT | Page No | ACKNOWLEDGEMENT | 4 | CHAPTER 1 : Introduction | 5-8 | CHAPTER 2 : Profile of the organisation | 9-38 | CHAPTER 3 : Research Design and Methodology | 39-40 | CHAPTER 4 : Data presentation ,......

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Indian Banking Sector

...Table Of Content TOPICS | REMARK | Acknowledgement | | Objective | | Executive Summary | | Introduction | | ICICI Bank | | Yes Bank | | HSBC | | SBI Bank | | HRIS | | ICT | | Role of Banks in India | | Recommendations | | Conclusion | | Bibliography | | Objective: The objective of this report is to study the banking sector in the Indian Economy on a global perspective. In this we have tried to study the different aspects of the banks. Here in we have considered 4 banks, namely SBI, ICICI, HSBC, Yes Bank. Research Methodology: The research methodology that we adopted was a dual one:- Primary Research Under Primary research we visited the banks, collected data directly from the respected persons and analysed it. Secondary Research Under Secondary Research we took information from the Internet, Books. INTRODUCTION Banking in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. The first banks were The General Bank of India, which started in 1786, and Bank of Hindustan, which started in 1790; both are now defunct. The oldest bank in existence in India is the State Bank of India, which originated in the Bank of Calcutta in June 1806, which almost immediately became the Bank of Bengal. This was one of the three presidency banks, the other two being the Bank of ombay and the Bank of Madras, all three of which were established under charters from the British East ndia Company. For many years the Presidency banks......

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Caterpillar Malcolm Baldrige Award

...CATERPILLAR FINANCIAL SERVICES CORPORATION TABLE OF CONTENTS AND FIGURES LIST P: Organizational Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Figure P-1 Figure P-2 Figure P-3 Figure P-4 Figure P-5 Figure P-6 Figure P-7 1: Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Figure 1-1 Figure 1-2 Figure 1-3 Figure 1-4 Figure 1-5 Figure 1-6 Figure 1-7 Figure 1-8 2: Strategic Planning 3: Customer and Market Focus 4: Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management Measurement Architecture Sources & Uses of Comparative Data Information Systems Knowledge Management Approaches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Figure 5-1 Figure 5-2 Figure 5-3 Figure 5-4 Figure 5-5 6: Process Management Customer Listening Approaches Customer Contact Mechanisms Customer Survey Approaches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Figure 4-1 Figure 4-2 Figure 4-3 Figure 4-4 5: Human Resource Focus Strategic Planning Process Strategies and Action Plans Performance Projections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Figure 3-1 Figure 3-2 Figure......

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