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Books Will Always Exist

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Our homes are full of books of every genre. There are only few people who don't like reading. Accordingly, even the most lazy can't help but keeping on reading if the story is enough engaging. The most of times in our homes we find physical books, rather than digital stories. I think there is a reason for this. What is better than the smell of paper, especially when you buy a new book? It is something inimitable, that never will be replaced. Concerning to this, we cannot not talk about the smell of old books. It reminds you something ancient, of another epoch or of a parallel world. Something beset by an aura of fantastic. On the one hand, I think many people prefer to buy new books, rather than borrow them in library, due to the characteristic smell of brand new printed paper. However, the smell of ancient books cannot be recreated and that’s why, on the other hand, library are so full of requests.
There are those who neither care to have their own literary works, nor library books. Actually, they don’t want physical volumes and prefer to have all they would want to read always with them. In other words, they like digital readings. For instance, a tablet make this real. This means you can choose among a great number of possibilities the book you want to read in that particular moment. The advantage consists in the fact that you have not to bring ten different volumes with you, but just one light tablet. Your back will thank you!
Likewise, many people prefer digital books for saving on the price and for convenience of downloading whenever and wherever they want their favorite readings. For example, in a rainy day, the perfect moment to stay at home with a hot cup of tea and a good book, who would go to the nearest library to take a book? Digital works are, undoubtedly, an ease.
Surely, the next argument will have the support of ecologists. This technology...

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