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Week One’s objectives were as follows: describe the functions of computer hardware; differentiate between types of software; and use Microsoft Office to accomplish business objectives. Our first assignment related to the bookstore project was to identify the hardware and software as well as the databases and data communications. We were tasked with how the bookstores use the different databases, such as what information is stored, and what are possible issues. Our team identified several databases, as well as software and hardware used for the bookstore as part of the bookstore project research.
Week Two Objectives were to describe how and when to use databases in business; determine data communications needs based on business function; and use Microsoft office to accomplish business objectives. There were several database options that our team had to choose from in order to suit our bookstore project; our team decided on what we thought would be the best and least expensive to suit both our project and budget. Our team also went with the best options that pertained to software and hardware for our book store project. There were many options amongst the providers, but we decided to go with options that would the best financial benefit, and offered longevity.
Week Three’s objectives were as follows: determine how and when to use Internet technologies in business; determine collaboration tool needs based on business functions; write a discussion about whether the companies are meeting their business objectives; use Microsoft Office PowerPoint to accomplish business objectives. We were tasked with how the bookstores utilizes various software and hardware, determining the appropriate databases and data communication architectures, utilizing the internet and other collaborative tools, as well as discussing the company’s business objectives, vision and mission of the...

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