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ife can be difficult. There are plentiful hardships that you will have during your life time. People have different ways of dealing with the rough patches that life gives them. Some drink and are depressed, while others use drugs as a mean of escape. For me, I find comfort and joy in my dog, Captain Boozer. Having Boozer is so much fun and he helps me get through those challenging times in my life because he has this constant positive energy. Adopting Boozer an experience and decision I am glad I had. He brings cheer, laughter, liveliness and joy to my life.
It was a cool and refreshing day in September. My family and I had just finished a grand feast of hot wings and salty French fries at Buffalo Wild Wings. Father was interested in watching the rest of the football game and determined to see the bottom of his beer. Caleb, my younger brother, Mother and I had lost our enthusiasm for the game. Mother suggested a walk while Father completed his tasks. We strolled outside and breathed in the fresh air. Caleb asked to see puppies. Mother agreed that we would look at the four legged animals. We Caleb and I were amazed with the sight of all the furry creatures. We looked at as many different types of cats and dogs our eyes allowed. Now it is still unclear of who saw Boozer first, but since I am telling the story, I saw him first. I ran over to my future dog and looked at him fondly. Caleb followed me. He fell in love. At the time, Boozer’s name was Chi Chi. Obviously we had to change that. Caleb asked if he could take Chi Chi out of his small cage. The supervisor of all the dogs agreed, but only if Caleb promised to hold on to Chi Chi’s leash tight. Caleb excitedly guaranteed to do just that. As soon as Chi Chi was let out of his cage, he walked over to my younger sibling and looked at him curiously. Caleb looked at the little beast with wonder in his eyes. He let go of...

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