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Border Security of Texas and Mexico

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bORDER sECURITY OF texas and mexico
Border security is a subject that is at the forefront of the mind of most people today. When considering border security, the subject of illegal immigration is often the first consideration. When considering the impact and cost of illegal immigration, many people consider only the jobs illegal immigrants may take away from legal citizens. While the impact to the job market is certainly of concern, that is an issue which can be controlled by the employer. Employers do not have to hire illegal immigrants. However, there are other factors to consider regarding border security and illegal immigration beyond that of the job market which are not voluntary, and the taxpayer has no control over. This paper will focus on the specific Texas and Mexico border security topics as they relate to illegal immigration: 1. Texas-Mexico Border and Illegal Immigration 2. Illegal Immigrant Education 3. Illegal Immigrant Social Welfare and Health Care Programs 4. Illegal Immigrant Criminal Justice

Texas-Mexico Border and Illegal Immigration
The subject of illegal immigration has become a hot topic in the current political environment. It is not surprise, as the population of illegal immigrants in the United States grows with every passing day. In 1996, the estimated population of illegal immigrants in the United States was 5 million people. As of 2011, the estimated population of illegal immigrants in the United States was 11.5 million people. In a matter of 15 years, illegal immigration population in the United States has more than doubled, and shows no signs of slowing. It is no wonder that it is such a contentious topic. Texas shares a border with Mexico; therefore, the subject of illegal immigration can be even more contentious. Texas...

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