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Boretzky Family Health Assessment

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Boretzky Family Health Assessment
Michelle Phoebe Baltazar
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V
September 8, 2012

Boretzky Family Health Assessment Gordon’s functional health pattern assessment is a tool that nurses can use to analyze a person’s whole being that incorporates every aspect of that person. Through this approach, nurses can ensure that holistic care is provided. The Boretzky family was therefore interviewed to analyze each functional health patterns in order for the nurse to identify two wellness nursing diagnosis that could help the family live an optimal lifestyle.
Functional Health Pattern Findings The Boretzky family is a well-educated family which showed during the interview in regards to health maintenance/perception, nutritional pattern, and exercise pattern. During the interview both Staci and Barry, mentioned the correlation of healthy living with healthy diet that incorporates the recommended food pyramid and regular exercise into their daily routine. “To promote a healthy lifestyle I make sure to take a multivitamin every day, eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and stay active by going to the gym every day. When possible, I also try and get a good amount of sleep every night” (S. Boretzky, personal communication, September 5, 2012). Moreover, both children also correlated the intake of foods high in fiber to maintain a regular elimination pattern. This shows that the parents have ingrained healthy habits in their children while growing up and was strengthen with education. Level of knowledge in regards to healthy living is a major factor that nurses need to know in order for the nurse to be a successful educator. By finding out baselines, nurses can tailor their education on what the client actually needs, thus providing an individualized, holistic...

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