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Born This Way

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Colbey Stigsell
Rhetoric 102
Dr. Colleen Page
4 March 2014
Born This Way Music is an ever changing part of society. It shapes to the ideas and interests of the people and creates a face to current pop culture. The problem with music is that certain kinds do not appeal to every person. Music is personal to the listener, and what may sound good to one might sound awful to another. In the article “Lady Gaga’s New Album Is a Pop Rapture”, author Jody Rosen offers an illustrative, interesting look at the music industry and the appeal of music to an audience. When creating a critical piece of writing it is important to be aware of the intended audience. Rosen successfully utilizes an excess of rhetorical strategies in his writing. His writing catches to the intended audience, and it is clear who the audience is meant to be. Throughout Rosen’s article, it is clear that he likes Lady Gaga’s talent and songwriting abilities, and his language and rhetorical strategies help to show his point in a great way. When writing an article that reviews anything it is important to be aware of the intended audience. Not only that, it is equally important to successfully support the writing for the audience. In Jody Rosen’s article he clearly states his intended audience: Gaga fans. Rosen identifies his audience in a perfect manner, and his ability for description leaves the reader with a good image in their mind. Rosen appeals to this audience by describing Gaga as a music genius. He gets to the roots of Lady Gaga’s music and brings it to life off the page. With this type of writing it is easy for any die hard Gaga fan to want to blast the Born This Way album immediately after reading. To gain his audiences attention, Rosen uses a few rhetorical strategies in his article. Rosen has an ability to describe Gaga’s image and music, “In nearly every song, Gaga...

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