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The Borneo Post - Saturday, October 20, 2012 Page B10 Business Written by: Emy Lindsay

CIMA stresses good ethics are vital for the success of corporation

KUCHING: In the wake of the unethical corporate governance that has caused the fall of some big global corporations such as Lehman Brothers, Enron and others, there is a perennial (constant) need to create awareness on ethical business.

To complement and support the initiatives of the government in reinforcing ethical business practices, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Malaysian Institute of Integrity (MII), jointly organized a talk on ‘Business Ethics for Long Term Success’ held here yesterday.

In her speech, Head of Ethics for CIMA, Ms Tanya Barman conveyed that integrity and transparency were high on its agenda and together with MII, both organizations would work closely to help and encourage best business practices and ethical codes among corporate companies and the government sector.

“This reflects our focus on accountability and excellent business practices in serving all our members, students and affiliates who have put absolute trust in us as a professional body,” she said.

Barman stressed that being ethical meant having principles, social ethics and rules of conscience in doing the right thing by considering the consequences on others, fairness and also adhering to the common rules and laws of what is right and wrong.

She cited that in business, people were under generally pressure because of the factors related to their working environment. That was why some people were likely to be maneuvered (tricked) into becoming unethical in their actions.

For example, Barman highlighted that in CIMA’s key findings on people acting under pressure, Malaysia was placed in a 45% likely category in terms of employees working with colleagues from different...

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