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Boudries in Nursing

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The Ministry Of Health Nursing Essay
On the other hand, nursing practice is an act of providing care to the patients. This can be done by implementing a nursing care plan which is based on the initial condition of the patient.
For certain people, the responsibilities of the nurses may seem apparent as all they need to do is following the orders from the doctor. Even for an experienced nurses, they still need to concede from the doctors in matters that they are restricted and not qualified in. This is called professional boundaries. According to CRNNS (2002), professional boundaries are the defining lines which separate the therapeutic behavior of a registered nurse from any behavior which, well intentioned or not, could reduce the benefit of nursing care to individuals and communities.
But in reality, the job of the nurses sometimes being pushed to the limit according to the patient's condition. This may lead to some instant decision making with or without the conceding from the doctors. This case however may be seen as the boundary violation. The boundary violation can be defined as a disruption of the barrier between a professional and the client. In our case, it is an act or interaction which damages the patient and the professional (nurse) relationship. The action of crossing the professional boundaries may be regarded as against the law.
According to Allen (2001), five keys of nursing boundaries had been identified which consist of boundary among nurse and nurse itself, nurse and supported worker, nurses and doctor, nurses and patient and nurses and research undertaken. In my workplace, the most common boundaries that can be identified is between nurses – doctors and nurses – patient.
I am a staff nurse that is assigned in an oncology ward in one of the hospitals in east Malaysia. As the nurse that specialize in cancer disease, we are trained in a...

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