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Case 1
Question: Explain two activities that leaders at Camp Bow Wow perform daily, and identify which of the managerial roles discussed in the chapter figure prominently for each.
The two activities, which leaders at Camp Bow Wow perform daily, are such as taking care of dogs and answering phones.
After thoroughly watching the video, reading chapter one and also from my understanding of the chapter, I can point out the managerial roles that are connected to the video and the book. Candace, who happens to be the general manager at Camp Bow Wow, performs the interpersonal functions, which consist of figurehead and liaison. Candace way of playing those roles is that she have to keep the customers happy at all time and also making sure that the dogs are happy, safe and well-taken care. According to our textbook Liaison role defined as “ the interpersonal role managers play when they deal with people outside their units” (Williams, 2014, pp. 11). On the other hand, Camp Bow Wow owner Sue utilizes the decisional roles of entrepreneur and resource allocator. The owner acts upon decisional roles by hiring management team to help support and manage her business. For example, promoting Candice to general management has helped Sue in a lot of ways with her business. The owner also performs disturbance handler role where she mentions that when customers are having hard time with the company, as managers, they tend to do what they can to fix the issue and make their clients happy. According to our text book disturbance handler role defined as “the decisional role managers play when they respond to severe pressures and problems that demand immediate action” (Williams, 2014, pp.12).
Williams, C. (2014). Management. In Mgmt 7 principles of management. (7th ed., pp. 10-13). Mason, OH, South-Western: Cengage Learning.
Stadlace, C., Sue (2012). On the Job Video…...

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