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Boy Fishing 1929

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Many people struggle to define art. I believe art can be any sort of expression that has an effect on something. I also think art can be interpreted in all sorts of ways depending on the type. Different art works will stimulate different senses and trigger different emotions to come out. My favorite types of art are paintings and songs. My favorite painting is by Lilla Calbot Perry. The painting is “Boy Fishing 1929” and is an oil on canvass. This painting is located in Washington D.C. at the White House. Oil on canvass paintings are some of my favorite pieces of art. The oil colors are able to blend, shade, and flow together very well. This combination helps create details and depth in the paintings. Also, the oil paint used by the hands of talented artists is able to show reflections and shadows in water. In many of these paintings on canvasses the artist will set a mood by the color scheme and stillness or movement illustrated. In the painting, “Boy Fishing”, there is a path where a young boy is fishing with a cane pole. There is a railing running along the path and the water is on the other side of it. The boy seems patient and still, as he leans against the brown rustic railing. The water also appears still and motionless. The shadows from overhanging tree limbs reflect dark and light spots scattered across the pond. There is little activity in the painting and the fishing doesn’t look too exciting. In the picture the artist made both the top and bottom of the canvass light colored. There is depth shown along the shoreline, which leads the viewers’ eyes to the back of the cove. Though the mood of the artwork seems still and patience being practiced, there is a lot of details in the trees. You are able to view many shades of colors and leaves. On the left side, the viewer can see the distinct shape and design of the tree and its limbs. With the sun beating down and probably a summer day the boy doesn’t look like he’s going to give up fishing. He is holding his pole tightly with two hands and looking into the distance. This boy up front really explains why this is one of my favorite paintings. By standing behind the boy and looking at this painting I am able to see myself. As a boy, I always went fishing. This set up with the railing and cove looks like one of my favorite fishing holes back in Cincinnati. I used to fish all the time when I was young, no matter how many fish I caught. I never seemed to get discouraged and loved to spend my summer afternoons with a rod in my hand. I started off using a cane pole like this boy in the painting. One day my grandpa showed me how to make one with some fishing line, a stick, weight, and hook. Just as the sun beats down on this boy, I am able to connect and visualize being in his place. Fishing definitely can be boring at times and takes patience. Also, some of the best fishing holes seem to be under tree limbs where the water is still and peaceful. In all, this is one of my favorite paintings and easy for me to relate to fishing due to all of my childhood memories at many ponds. Overall, I believe art can be considered a piece or work if anyone believes it is. I strongly believe all artworks convey a message filled with emotions and feelings. I see art as a way of expressing feelings that may be buried inside an artist or hidden. I also think art can be connected with by its viewers. In my favorite painting, I am able to relate in the moment of fishing as a young boy. I am able to remember my times of patience being tested and keeping both hands on my rod waiting for a bite. I recall the summer days and long hours spent just waiting for a single fish. In brief, I am able to connect to this young boy’s hobby and the setting of this pond. This is one of the several pieces of artworks and paintings I enjoy looking at and reflecting over.

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