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BP and accident waiting to happen:

* Alwin Landry, the 41-year-old Cajun captain of the Damon B. Bankston. Oil transport ship. Using a big hose to load crude oil, uses a crane to move the hose. * Big fire at the oil rig. * Curt Kuchta, the 34-year-old captain of the Horizon. Other ship at the incident. * Anthony Gervasio, the Bankston’s engineer, was in the engine room when he heard what sounded like a “blown tire, times 100,” * Second larger explosion. * Captain Landry was still in the wheelhouse. He had just given the order to disconnect the hose, but now he wasn’t sure he could wait. Once he saw the crew giving thumbs up, he left. * Horizon crew members were abandoning ship — leaping from the main deck, plummeting 70 feet into the sea. * At 10:04 p.m., Landry banged out an e-mail to the BP control room in Houston * The giant rig would burn for two days, listing more and more until finally it tipped and sank. * Some 206 million gallons of oil would pour into the gulf before BP finally stanched the flow * Today the Macondo well, named for a cursed town in a Gabriel García Márquez novel, is sealed and abandoned. It’s a graveyard for 11 men, a dump for what remains of the Deepwater Horizon, and a haunting symbol of excessive faith in the safety of deep water drilling. It’s also an enduring mystery. * It’s not easy to blow up a rig. Too many mistakes both big and small have to be made. * Experts will debate the precise cause for years. * most intensely dissected industrial accidents in U.S. history * The Justice Department, which is weighing criminal charges, has already brought a civil case against BP. * Plaintiff’s lawyers, representing everyone from the families of the Horizon’s dead to half-empty motels in Florida, have filed more than 350 lawsuits. At stake are billions in fines and damages....

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...BP Case and The Gulf of Mexico Jorge Salazar Hawaii Pacific University MGMT 6000 September 23, 2015 BP Case and The Gulf of Mexico Introduction The BP case concerning the Gulf of Mexico dealt with the second largest company in the world at that time (2010), it was founded in 1908 and it had more than 92,000 employees. Deepwater Horizon had two main components, owned and operated by offshore oil drilling company (Transocean) and it was leased by BP Oil Company. The BP oil spill occurred in April 20, 2010, there were three major cracks that spilled the crude oil into the ocean. The blast occurred approximately 41 miles from the Louisiana coast. The leaked continued for about three months after the explosion from the Macondo well, it was estimated that anywhere between 35,000 to 60,000 barrels per day were leaked, it is estimated that after all was said and done, approximately 4.9 million barrels were spilled. It is also important to mention that 11 workers died when this explosion happened. When the spill happened it affected a lot more than BP was expecting; it wasn’t just the Gulf of Mexico sea life (sea turtles, marine mammals, coral and fisheries), but it also affected all of the shores of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. When it hit all of these states, it affected their tourism, fishing, food, and healthcare just to name a few of the things. President Barack Obama stated, “Already, this oil spill is the worst environmental disaster America......

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...London, England. The initial name of BP is the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in 1909; in 1954 it changed to its present name British Petroleum. It is combined and reconstructed by the former British Petroleum, Amoco and ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company). BP’s business has spread to many fields including oil and natural gas, alternative fuels, the production of petroleum based product, aviation fuels and its business about the solar electric power generation is also growing very fast. Since 1981, BP has set up 12 branch companies successively in many fields such as mineral, food, ship, international finance, international detergent with its business spread to more than a hundred countries all over the world. BP has nearly 110,000 employees work all over the world. In 2003, BP is ranked on the FORTUNE as the first five global top 500 companies. Deepwater horizon oil spill and deepwater horizon explosion On 20th April, 2010, the Gulf of Mexico suffered a lot from a great catastrophe of oil spill. The drilling platform of the British Petroleum Corporation exploded in the deepwater horizon in the Gulf of Mexico which led to 11 workers death and very severe environment pollution. This event is regarded as the most severe oil spill incident in the history of America.。 Many people are curious about this catastrophe and people did not know what cause it and what actions would BP take. According to the inspection report BP made on 8th September, BP thought this catastrophe is not......

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...The BP oil spill has become widely accepted as the worst manmade environmental calamity in US history. The disaster wasn’t a catastrophe solely because of the extent of harm it caused the environment, but also because of the lack of concern and benevolence BP (primarily their CEO Tony Hayward) showed towards most stakeholders. This paper will give an account of many of the primary errors that were committed by BP. Also, specific dates will be used as a timeline in order to emphasize BP’s lack of concern and ability to act in a legal and ethical manner during the crisis. On April 20, 2010, a Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers and causing the worst environmental disaster in US history (BBC News, 2010). Although there were obvious concerns for the environment, many of these worries were eased when the US Coast Guard announced that they were confident that there was no oil leaking from the well; which was located nearly a mile below the ocean’s surface. Given the depth and location at which BP was working, it would seem illogical not to have a crisis management plan in place. Unfortunately for BP, the company never acknowledged any real risk of a Deepwater oil spill. Thus, BP did not appear to have any related response plan in place. As they previously sought to expand Deepwater oil exploration, along with the rest of the oil industry, BP categorized a Deepwater spill as decidedly unlikely and claimed that if such a spill......

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...Disaster in the Gulf: One Year Later 1. What external environment (general, industry, and competitive) segments do you think BP considered or didn’t consider prior to their drilling of the Gulf Coast? What should the wedding business owners now consider in their external environment? BP decided to drill in the Gulf Coast mostly because of the oil availability and competition. Opportunity was definitely considered by BP. The North Sea was saturated with other oil companies and BP saw an opportunity in the Gulf of Mexico (Pour, 2011). The segment that BP did not do well is the environmental factors around the rig that could make it extremely difficult to repair or monitor when troubles occur. The deep water makes it difficult for them to ensure the cement foundation was sealed properly, and pressure tests were misinterpreted by engineers prior to the explosion (Mullins, 2010). The wedding business owners are now facing the threat from these drilling rigs. The oil industry has a long track of catastrophic failures, so a disaster like the BP spill might happen again. They should consider other business opportunities to complement their current business model in case a spill or leakage occurs. 2. How should BP have handled an external environmental analysis and what environmental changes and trends (opportunities and threats) might they have discovered? BP is one of the biggest oil companies and it has a very strong market and geographical presence around the world......

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...the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights. Overall, the theme from Tony Hayward, the CEO, is that BP has great assets, in part thanks to the deals of the past decade, such as the takeovers of Amoco and Arco and the creation of TNK-BP, but is still not managing them as well as it could. Having lagged well behind the pack of oil majors when Hayward took over, as measured by return on capital, BP is now about average, but it would like to get closer to the leader, Exxon. That is the context for all the plans B The key points of that plan are: 1. $3bn to be saved through cost-cutting and efficiency improvements over the next 2-3 years. 2. Roughly $2bn from refining, putting the emphasis on efficient operations rather than just getting the refineries running, which has been the priority. A further $1bn from better project management, resulting from the creation of a new global development unit to manage big projects, which have a tradition of over-shooting their budgets at BP, as they do at many other companies. - As a small part of that, BP is pulling out of its marketing business in Namibia, Malawi and some other southern African countries. - Production growth expected to average 1-2 per cent per year during 2008-15, and hopefully......

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...British Petroleum What we know today as British Petroleum is the result of several companies being bought and sold over many years. One of the companies, Standard Oil Company was created in 1870 by John D. Rockefeller in Cleveland Ohio. By 1892, while still not selling gas products, Standard Oil companies was providing lubricating products to keeps parts on horse drawn wagons moving friction-free. One of the other companies, the Angelo-Persian Oil Company was formed in 1905. By 1908 they were producing gas products and in 1912 they discovered a way to double the output of gasoline produced from a barrel of oil. At the same time they were able to find a way to increase the octane level of the gasoline produced. Industry Analysis Today, British Petroleum is one of the largest energy companies in the world. They provide their customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemical products for everyday household use. British Petroleum is involved in exploring for oil and other natural resources that can be converted into power. British Petroleum is committed to finding fuel sources that reduce green house gases and reduces the carbon footprint. They hope to accomplish as they research and refine alternative fuel sources such as fossil fuels, solar power, wind power, hydrogen, and natural gas. Competition in the oil and energy industry is furious. British Petroleum competes with companies like Exxon-Mobil and Chevron in three...

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