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Entrepreneur Business Plan Outline

Cover Page
(Do this page last!)

Name of the company (full business name):

Company address:

Company phone number(s) including phone

Company fax number

Company email

Company website

Company logo or other graphic depicting the business

Name(s) of owners


Owner(s) Address;

Month and year the plan was completed.

A Sample Cover Page

A Business Plan for

Wool ‘n Wood

219 Cloverleaf Place
Lincoln NE 68583

phone: 555-578-9797 fax: 555-578-9797

Business email: Wooly@Wool’

Company website: www.Wool’

W(W Wooly Woody
Jane Doe, President Bill Smith, CEO
219 Cloverleaf Place 2345 Apple Way
Lincoln, NE 68583 Lincoln, NE 68583

May 2008

Table of Contents

(You’ll develop this section after writing the business plan and executive summary.)

The table of contents should show major section headings and the page number that starts the section. It’s even better if you can show the detailed subheadings under the major sections with corresponding page numbers.

Section I. Executive Summary

(You’ll develop this section after completing your business plan.)

Write a one to two page summary representing the various sections of your Business Plan. Your goal is to make the reader want to read more!

Section II. Mission, Goals & Objectives

General Description of the Business
Describe your business so an outsider will clearly understand what business you are in, what products or services you offer, who your market is, how you operate (generally), the stage of development of your business, and what your growth ideas include. This is the first...

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