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Braaap Motorcycle

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The Braaap motorcycle brand was established in 2008 by Brad Smith. Brad began with a vision to supply motorbikes which would making motorcycling more fun and accessible for people. because they now have what they believe is the best motorcycle range of its type in the world. BRAAAP are the only motorcycle on the planet with lifetime warranty and we are the only motorcycle brand to win back to back championships at the world title for our sport.
Braaap started with a vision of making motorcycling more fun and more accessible, so more people could experience what we love in motorcycling.
Since then it has been onwards and upwards for the Braaap brand, they have their own concept stores in Tasmania and Victoria, and franchise opportunities throughout Australia and the rest of the world. Braaap are also one of the only motorcycle brands on the market to offer a lifetime warranty.

Key Characteristics of Braaap products and services

The Braaap products have four major features to their products and services, which are: Lifetime warranty option, customisation, flexible finance and built for adults. The lifetime warranty option is available on all their products and bikes. Having this option improves the attractiveness of the product to their customers and gives them piece of mind about repairs and maintenance on aspects of their bikes
Braaap is a unique and significant company on the market as they are the only dirt bike manufacture on the planet that offers you the ability to choose the colour of your motorbike. Customers are also given the option of choosing from hundreds of stickers to place on their bikes as long as they do not interfere with the safety of performance of the bike.! The majority of products and services that Braaap offers are accompanied by a life-time warranty.

The Braaap organisation is a retail store of motorbikes. This...

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