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Bradbury Fills His Story with Irony. Why? What Does It Do? Locate Instances of Irony, and Then Discuss Irony and Its Effects as They Appear in Fahrenheit 541.

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Sometimes, reading literature may be very challenging for a reader. He/she will need to define a few components that will help him/her to understand the true meaning of literature. A poem, short story, novel or fiction is full of those elements, which make literature more understanding for a reader. However, sometimes the poet or writer presents those elements as irony and the reader may get confused about the true meaning of literature. Irony exists when a reader is led to expect things to happen but exactly the opposite happens. Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 familiarizes a reader with irony. His main character, the protagonist, Guy Montag is presented as a person whose life is full of irony. Through the irony of Montag’s life, Bradbury brings the reader into a better understanding of nature of language, of people understanding of their own life, and of the effect of technology. The first example of irony in the novel is the job of fireman. To readers, a fireman helps to put out fires. However, Bradbury presents the fireman, Guy Montag, as a person who starts the fires. Moreover, the symbol of hearth and salamander, in the first part of the novel, symbolizes a traditional home fireplace and the creature from mythology that could survive in the fire and not get harmed. However, Bradbury through that symbol presents irony. The reader discovers that Montag does not live unharmed by fire; but he realizes, how burning many books destroys his society. The symbolism presents irony, which will help the readers to go deeper into the true meaning of the book. It also will let them think about the main character’s behavior, and how that affects his life as well as the reader’s life. Secondly, Bradbury uses irony to show the reader that people are not aware of their own lives. The reader expects that people who are married care about each other’s needs. However,...

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