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A chick flick, a movie that woman love and love even more when they're laughing at one. In this movie poster there is a brownish red brick wall as a background. In the center there is five woman prepares for a wedding. All of the woman are pale skinned and Four out of five of the woman are bride’s maids but one is a bride with more tanned skin. Lined up by different heights with shortest on the ends and tallest in the middle but on the left there is a girl who is heavier than the girl who is on the end on the left.
The girl on the right with brown hair is skinnier than all the rest of the girls she is bent over on the fourth girl's left shoulder with her behind heightened out. She also has her chest aimed in the same direction as the woman she's bent over on. Making her figure clearly visible from a side view perspective as she wears a hot pink skirt with a hot pink blouse that has a flap going from her right shoulder to the right hip and another ruffled flap. Wearing what seems identical to the other woman but two with sleeves being clearly visible, with her right leg in front of her placing the rest of her weight on the other leg that's planted straight down as she wears white stilettos. Standing with her face forward she makes a face that’s seem exhausting but tries to be seductive.
The woman that is to the right end is leaning on a woman with her arms bent on the shoulder that has on an all-white wedding dress that’s stops at her feet so her shoes are not visible and brown hair . She has a hot pink ribbon tied around her waist that's the same color as the other four women dresses. The woman's wedding dress is a strapless white dress that ripples down is groups that is separated in rows that bring out a more dimensional form. With her right hand on her hip and left hand lightly gripped on her dress and her head cocked to the right side with eyes barely open as if she's trying to stay awake.
The woman that is to the left of the woman in a wedding dress has dirty blonde hair and has on the same outfit as the woman on the end on the right. She is standing straight up with her height just a little taller the woman in the white wedding dress making her the tallest amongst the four other woman. She has a classy bob haircut that's evened out at the bottom stopping a little below her ear. With her left hand hidden behind her arm and right arm just hanging by her side. Her chin is firmly held up as if she giving a threatening look with her left shoulder heightened up.
The woman next to the woman with the bob has reddish brown hair that is in an updo with a pink headband and bang. With her left shoulder overshadowed by the woman standing on the left of her. As her right arm is bent on the shoulder of a woman linked to her with her right knee slightly bent as she faces forward but most of her left side is overshadowed but the girl on her left. She makes a face that gives off a less intense face as the others but is still just a bit nonchalant.
The woman that is to the right of her also shares the same outfit as the girl on her left. Her body type is curvier than the rest of the girl’s .The woman has the front of her hair pinned up while the rest hangs past her shoulders. She both arms linked with the girls next to her making her hands not visible making the two woman arms and hands visible to see. As the woman stands linked to the woman on both of her sides she has her right foot on the wall with her toes hidden behind the back of her left knee. As she pins her leg up she turns her knee slightly to the left so that as a lady you can't see under her skirt. Yet she leans her chest forward so that her cleavage is visible and her head is still tilted up slightly making her lips pout out and eyes mid-way opened.
The heavier girl on the left end has on the same top as the other four woman in hot pink but does not have on a fitted skirt like them hers is slightly looser so it looks comfortable stopping a little past her knees unlike the others that stop mid-thigh. As her right hand sits on her hip her left sits on the shoulder of the woman that is linked to her. The woman stands straight up with her body facing forward and legs spread apart at shoulder length and her head facing forward with an expression as if she was ready for anything. The woman has all her brown hair pinned up with white accessories into it.
Now that the five women are on the poster for the movie you can guess that they are the main characters of the movie and that the one in the wedding dress is the one who brings them together. Since there is a character leaning on the girl in the wedding dress and they both have the same hair color you would guess that they are sisters especially since the woman in the wedding dress seems annoyed. The woman to the right of the bride is the only one out of the five of the woman who is not linked or leaning on anyone so I would suggest that she most likely is off to herself all the time or has her own problems that don't involve the others.
The three on the right end are all linked in some type of way so maybe they are always getting into with each other or just always together. Then you could also guess that because the woman with reddish brown hair has the nonchalant look out of the three that she may be being changed by these two woman as in breaking her out of her shell. Then they're all standing concrete so maybe something serious happened. With bridesmaids in all capital letters, bold, and white rounded font it's like the title is trying to portray sarcasm. So the movie is about bridesmaids with a bunch of different lifestyles and hopefully they can get it together for the wedding?

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