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Brain Headaches

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Headache and Migraine Effects on Brain

People have always wondered why they have headaches and migraines. With all the different causes of headaches, will a headache enable your brain functions? However there are many different reasons you can have headaches and migraines.
Researchers say migraines and headaches start in brain stem. Female having headaches can come from there hormones, and estrogen. There is a type of headache called clusters headaches which make your eyes hurt. The hippocampus controls this type of headache. Also smoking and drinking can trigger this headache. Most people take over the counter drugs to treat a headache. If you use this method you have to take drug when first signal the brain sends. You can also take a nap to let your brain cure the headache inflammation. Another way is to put warm towel on your head so it cools brain nerves. This helps relieves muscles in your head which helps the headache. Migraines have effects on the brain stem. If migraines are painful enough it can cause brain stem infractions. Although migraines cannot cause permanent damage to the brain. Exercise that causes adrenaline can help make migraines go away. Headaches and migraines can be caused by cerebrovascular accidents. People don’t know what yet exactly causes headaches. It may be caused by nerve cells on the brain. It also can be over stimulated blood vessels, which leads to inflammation. Estrogen and progesterone can cause migraine and headache in women. Migraines can be hereditary and can be passed down. Migraines cannot cause disability to the brain. Scientist says migraines can be neurological disease. Migraines are on one of the most mistreated disease. Women with migraines are seven times more likely to have an ischemic stroke. Migraine can cause a block in an artery which can trigger the stroke.

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