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Brains on Video Games

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Video games have become one of the biggest industries in the world. They are designed to be played by people of all ages but often are targeted towards children. Every new game can generate headlines both positive and negative leaving parents questioning how exactly their children will be affected. Information supports that playing video games excessively can have adverse reactions for children by impacting their studies, changing their moods, and altering their social interaction abilities.

Studies have shown that there are high rates of psychiatric illnesses in people with internet and gaming addictions. Major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and anxiety spectrum disorders have been observed. Video games can impact children’s academic progress by cutting into the time dedicated to studying. It can also change the way the interact with other children with the potential to make them more hostile if they have played games which train them to act in hostile manners (Merzenich, 2011).

Studies have shown that video games are essentially training the brain to act in certain ways. If we practice being aggressive then we will act aggressively instinctually. The training can improve cognitive functions, but the benefits of this type of training are usually specific to the game and have very little carry over in day to day practical use. Gaming addiction can also interfere with their daily life just like any other addiction (Han, Renshaw, 2011).

The ability to socially interact is the corner stone of any society. Those who develop a strong dependency of on-line gaming can see their life spiral out of control. There have been reports of children assaulting their parents, adults neglecting their children, and people just not functioning with daily life struggles. School grades and work performance are often impacted. A two year study of...

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