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Brand Audit Mortein

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Brand Audit Report: MORTEIN
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Hereby I, Rauha Rafiq, declare that this research report is my own original work and that all sources have been accurately reported and acknowledged, and that this document has not previously in its entirety or in part been submitted at any university in order to obtain an academic qualification.


The main question addressed in this research study is ‘How can Mortein improve upon their current brand image and subsequent brand positioning. It was therefore considered necessary for the author of this research project to effectively be able to uncover the current health of the Mortein brand. A brand audit was therefore performed on the corporate Mortein brand. Brand audits are qualitative snapshots of the current position of the brand in terms of the current perceptions of the target audience and it is important to perform them on a regular basis as target audiences may evolve over time.
Through performing a brand audit, the manufacturers / marketers of the brand in question will gain a better understanding of the current problems, desires and needs of the target audience in question. The information obtained from such an audit is valuable for the organization / brand as it allows them to determine whether a costly and time-consuming process such as a brand repositioning is necessary, as well as providing valuable market research which can lead to a viable and sustainable brand strategy.
In order to uncover the health of the brand and determine the perceptions, attitudes and behavior of the target audience, a deductive approach to this study was employed. A paper based questionnaire regarding the corporate / product Mortein brand was designed by the author and distributed to 150 Housewives in different areas of Karachi. A statistical significance level of five…...

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