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Brand Image of Axe

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Brand Image of Axe
Consumer Behavior Project
Group 3 9/16/2012

Himanshu Gupta (023/02) PSN Vamsi (033/02) Rohit Thakur (042/02) Sameer Jakhar (045/02) Vikram Veer Singh (062/02) Page |

Executive Summary
AXE is a global brand from unilever in the deodorant and the personal care sector. It is one of the most recognizable brands in the Indian markets and enjoys very high TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) status even in the people who do not use products of the personal care category. The report aims to analyze the brand on several aspects and figure out what kind of brand image it has and how it impacts the business operations in general. A whole section is dedicated on the innovative marketing campaigns run by AXE. The ads are hugely popular part of their branding and are instrumental in their brand building process. Avery interesting point about these communication campaigns is that they are global i.e. every country is watching the same advertisements which further strengthens the unique brand image. The brand value analysis is done using both qualitative and qualitative methods. The quantitative methods included a computer based survey which garnered 90 responses from various demographic and cultural domains. Statistical analysis of the responding group was done using clustering technique (using SPSS) which divides the sample space into various clusters on the basis of the responses which allows us to group them on basis of certain characteristics of their responses. The qualitative methods used for the analysis was laddering interviews. These interviews were conducted on 16 participants. The attribute-consequences-values mapping was done and a hierarchical chart was prepared depicting the results of the analysis. We also discuss the pros and cons of the current brand image of axe and the perception changes in the market with the emergence of...

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