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A communal style of sitting
Style 1
-Benches that can fit no more than 4pax
-Comfy seating benches that are ergonomically fitted to the general public * Well lit * Middle seating has round tables, provides another choice for guests if they don’t want benches. * Spacing for easy access for staff and customers

Style 2

* Middle island for those who have larger groups OR an individual by him/herself and does not want to take up a table. * This can be incorporated into our middle area, the spacing of tables next to it is sufficient to move around. * Benches are easily moved around * Creates a buzzy and interactive mood into the space

Style 3

* Seating for 6pax is easily served by its narrow tunnel for staff to maneuver on the right * Crisp and clean designs * Good spacing between each compartment but still feels buzzy * Show kitchen is nicely placed, when we designed our food pass, the height of it could be similar to this.

Style 4

* This is a lot more compact due to its size of outlet * Note the use of space and utilizing the gap between the 2 compartments for storage * Communal table in the middle again to give an alternative for single or for 2’s * The art and designs on the wall complement the look and style of the restaurant

Style 5 * Wooden tables that are sturdy and large enough to fit our requirements if a group orders Thali platters and other items * Between each compartment is a service station for equipment ( rather than having a service station planned in our layout, we can incorporate this amongst the tables to maximize space and convenience for staff to stay in their stations) * Notice the tables on the left, large tables and easy access benches for large groups

Style 6 * Larger benches for even bigger groups or can be broken up to fit different groups * Simple chairs that may not be as comfy, but still contemporary * Low lightings due to the high ceiling and is a common feature now (i.e in Cha Cha Moon in London) * Note the service/kitchen pass on the right, we may incorporate this for passage for beverages

Style 7 * Very simple communal arrangements, easy access and maximizing capacity is the key feature * Bare minimum design but is practical when it is busy * Hanging lights for the evening sessions to create ambience.


Simple hooks for handbags and jackets
These are called the ‘here hooks’, purposely designed so that customers don’t need to ask where to hang their things *

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