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Branding Instructions For Free Reports - - Save This Document For Future Reference - One of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet is giving away content. Free reports branded with your Clickbank affiliate hop link are perfect. These reports provide valuable information, prove the product is worth investing in and result in more sales for you. Branding any of our Free Reports is quite easy... Step One Download the free brandable PDF report to your computer. Just right click on the link on that says Viral Report on the download page and “save target as”. Then save the file anywhere you want on your computer. Step Two Download the branding tool to your computer. Just right click on the link that says Branding Tool on the download page and “save target as”. Then save the file anywhere you want on your computer. Step Three Once you’ve downloaded and saved the free report and branding tool the next step is easy. Open the branding tool by clicking on it. Then click “Run”. The branding tool will then open. You’ll be asked to drag and drop your brandable PDF file into the window. Go ahead and do as instructed. Step Four After you’ve dropped the brandable PDF file of the free report into the window

allow the tool to process the report. A new window will appear asking you to type in your Clickbank affiliate ID. After you type in your Clickbank affiliate ID in the space provided click on the “Brand” tab in the lower menu. You’ll be prompted to “remember to save your changes”. Press the “ok” button and then click on the “Save” tab in the lower Step Five Save the branded PDF on your computer. Step Six Delete the initial PDF file of the free report. This is important so you don’t confuse it for the branded version. Step Seven The branded PDF file will be titled as “Rebranded”. Right click on the file and rename it by deleting the word “Rebranded”. You don’t want people to know this is a rebranded report. Step Eight Open the branded PDF free report and hover your mouse over all the links and click on a few of them. The links with the name of the product and the link at the end of the report that says “Click Here” should include your full Clickbank affiliate When the prospect clicks on any of those links, goes to the product web page and decides to order you will get credit for the sale and earn a commission. Step Nine Start promoting the report all over the Internet. In the affiliate area for the product

related to the branded report I offer several proven ways to get the report in the hands of prospects. Take action. One Last Thing The instructions I’ve given you here are current and as clear as possible. Please follow them exactly before contacting me with any questions. Also, the procedures described above apply to Windows applications. I do not have technical knowledge of Mac’s. However, if you have any problems or questions after following the above instructions please contact me at... The subject line should read: “Question about branding reports...” I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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