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Branding of College

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Topic: IMT Nagpur as a brand
Brand idea: Building people who build business.
Section: B
1. Keivaly Poojara 2015096
2. Prathamesh Dhicholkar 2015094
3. Karan Shah 2015095
4. Chitrini Chalmela 2015091
5. Debasija Chakraborty 2015092
Faculty: Prof. Subodh Tagare

Decision Mapping Process
1. Why MBA?
Answer: 1. Higher Salary A fresher would prefer doing MBA because being a graduate he may earn very less and if he starts his career after doing MBA he would have a wider knowledge and a better pay-package. So by doing MBA he may get a better job opportunity, better salary and can have a better start to a career than a normal graduate student.
A work-ex person would do MBA so as to climb up a corporate ladder and enhance more skills which would help him in better understanding the problem and find best solutions for it. He would do MBA so that he can earn even more than what he is earning at the current level.
So a Huge difference in terms of earnings can be clearly seen over a period of time.
2. Greater Opportunities to work in a desired location Everyone after certain point of time hits the wall and waits for a better opportunity with more responsibilities and different duties. With a current degree, the person may be restricted to work for a particular job. But a MBA program enriches a person and creates lot of opportunities which accomplishes a person’s desire to work for a certain company at certain desired location.
3. Grows Networking
MBA attracts talented persons from different areas of society. It serves as a platform to develop communication skills, provides essential mentoring and make professional relationships better. The colleagues can help a person in getting better job opportunities, their recommendations and feedback on certain issues can act as a valuable thing to get out of trap.
Networking at...

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