Branding, Pricing, and Distribution

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Running head: Branding, Pricing, and Distribution

Branding, Pricing, and Distribution
Marketing Management
Professor Dotty Heady
February 14, 2013

Much of the research I found on branding mentioned the phrase, ‘think global, act local.’ The marketing and management articles introduce this phrase as an idea to help implement businesses treating their product and company as a very personal part of the community’s need. The brand becomes a global brand by adopting broader perspectives & overall managerial efficiency operates in complex multicultural environments. A brand’s strategy should be based on company goals. Having a clear and concise brand strategy leads to stronger overall brand. The way people perceive your product, and how much they are willing to pay for it helps define how a brand can move around and across borders, as word of mouth and social networks grow.
At Meme Food and Gas, we want to market our stores for global appeal. We want to be able to open stores that perform well in America as well as in Japan and other countries. Our commitment at Meme is that it becomes the communities ‘one stop shop.’ Though the gas is the main reason for stopping, we can quench thirst and satisfy hunger or even be the miniature addiction to someone’s sweet tooth. We could advertise with a logo of a gas can, but we wouldn’t want to limit the vision strictly to auto services, so sticking with our name: Meme Food and Gas, seems to be the best idea for now. A nice motto that relates to our customers would involve everyday commitment, to provide that feeling that you get when you visit your grandmother every Sunday, for example. You don’t feel just right until you make that trip. Visits to Meme become part of the norm, everyday life. When pricing the main product of gas at a convenience store, there are a couple of ideas of ways to go about implementing a strategy.…...

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