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My brother and his wife Steff wanted to hike up Mud Mountain as a family because they had wanted to go hiking for a while, so they decided to make a trip. Knowing that it would most likely be a rather interesting trip I asked if I could partake. Most of the fun parts of a hike are the random events that transpire along the way so I expected a rather enjoyable trip.
After two hours of driving and various stops, we had finally arrived at Mud Mountain. We started to gear up for our four mile trek, but Chris had decided he needed to use the restroom For some odd reason he decided not to knock on the bathroom door. With such great insight he just barged in, and with a bad stroke of luck there happened to be a little boy in there. I would say Chris got half way in before the boy ran out, God only knows what that poor child was thinking. The boy’s parents gave Chris such an awkward child molester look that I still see as very funny. He doesn’t.
Within a few minutes, we had started trekking up the mountain path. Eventually while we were walking Chris decided to run up the sides of the trail to leave me and Steff behind. Perceiving it as a challenge I decided to chase after him. So after leaving Steff behind she was starting to get angry and a little self-conscious about the occasional person walking by because she was alone. Meanwhile after Steff caught up they started to bicker at one another, feeling endangered from this conversation that if I said one word my life may be forfeit. So like any reasonable person I decided to look off to the side of the trail it was a very long fall to the bottom if I were to trip ever so slightly, so I sharply turned to walk on. Suddenly standing before me was my brother. With a light shove he tried to push me off the side. Due to my innate instincts of self preservation, I had freaked out and grabbed his back pack the strap had broken in my hand. Upon settling down I looked at his face and he was mad at the fact his strap was broken. For me it felt like divine punishment for scaring me far and beyond my limits.
Eventually we arrived farther along the trail, where we found a few caves beneath an old stream. After spotting the caves being my typical self I pointed them out to try and convince Chris to jump down and take a closer look. I had wanted to see him get stuck so I could laugh at him a bit, but he went half way and chickened out. Thinking back on it he might have seen through my ploy I wonder, but then again maybe he just didn’t want to look stupid. Soon, after we had reached as far as we could go, I decided I would beat them back down to the car so I took off running. Little did I know I had run down the wrong path, so there I was at least thirty minutes ahead of them waiting for them to reappear. Soon I started to worry that they had gotten lost; little did I know it was me who had gotten lost. So I decided to go looking for them, I ran back up the trail only to find that I had taken the wrong path. Upon this sudden realization that it was me who had gotten lost I jolted up the path that I had missed. Within forty minutes of vigorously running down the mountain trails, I had made it back to the car only to be greeted by a vast amount of bad puns, laughter and insults.
After the trip to mud mountain it was clear to me that hiking is only fun when you have family members around to do stupid things. The hike was very entertaining; all the minor events that had transpired along the way are what made it into a very memorable trip. I also learned a lot about how you shouldn't go running off without your group, you might get lost. In the end family is what makes the trip.

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