Break Away from Perfection

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Kaitlyn Grubb
February 18, 2013
English 015
Rhetorical Analysis
Break Away from Perfection
Fresh, salty air succumbs every small crevice of your body. A sun drenched angelic beach stands in front of you, waiting to be discovered. The sunlight glitters on every grain of sand, revealing miniscule specks of gold beneath the surface. This beach is so innocent, so white, and so pure. The beautiful, enormous ocean waves are crashing against the cliffs as you watch the seagulls joyfully fly around in circles. Warm, golden sand runs between your toes while the gentle breeze glides through your wavy hair. Gorgeous, shiny shells are washed along the shoreline by the rippling of the water. This moment is absolutely breathtaking, and you cannot help to feel amazing in your white, strappy bikini. But suddenly, you are woken up from this magnificent dream and violently brought back to reality. You can no longer sit and enjoy this heavenly view, especially in that white bikini. The time has come…to change your tampon.
Tampon commercials have become dull and misleading. The concept of that “time of the month” is now construed to be a glorious time, filled with love and beauty. Dancing, exercising, or running along the beach wearing white is just some of the many aspects of the hundreds of unrealistic commercials for feminine products. Fortunately, there is a new, daring brand that emphasizes the key trait of being honest and realistic. The Kotex brand brings a fresh life to tampon advertisements, giving the viewers a sarcastic spin on the authenticity of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The “U” by Kotex commercial is aimed towards younger women in their college years. A large amount of college women are looking for the truth; many are sick and drained by the impractical television commercials. There is without a doubt not one college girl that embodies complete perfection. So why…...

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