Break, Break, Break by Lord Tennyson (a Reflection)

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The poem made by Lord Alfred Tennyson really has this rhythm and upon seeing alone the title it really coveys pain and sorrow. The poem describes a narrator's feeling that there is loss throughout the world, but also that there is some life within that loss. The sea is then used to represent that there is something greater beyond the cycle of life and death even though words can never truly describe.

In the poem "Break, Break, Break" the striking of the waves against the grey stone reflects the feeling of the speaker's soul that mourns his loss of a friend. Like Alfred Tennyson, I also had a heart breaking experience. When I was just in first year high, my grandfather passed away. And for me, that time, I just can’t help myself but to cry and cry until it runs dry. I really felt down and weary maybe because my grandfather means a lot to me. I just can’t forget the times when he used to scold me with his slippers and when fallen dusk comes he used to chase and play with me together with my cousins. Yes, it may be so rude and very fun to say, but it’s true, we used to play like we’re both kids. So memories to shared and it deeply and was woven in my mind. It seems like all those times that we’ve been together my “lolo” seems like a tattooed in my heart and mind.

It really takes many weeks for me to move on and continue the life that I have. I still and I need to finish the race that God gives me. I knew that during those times I just thought of how all people also had same sorrow experience like mine or even worst. It’s not that easy to release pain but I tend to accept the reality and the fact that he’s not with us anymore and that everyday life may never be the same, coz it’s progressing. He made me see that life is short and we need to value each second that we have. Indeed, it’s a fact that life teaches us to make good use of time, while it made me realize…...