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THE OFFICE (2005-2013)
Created by: Greg Daniels
Genre: Single-camera network sitcom and mockumentary
Premise: Depiction of the everyday life of the staff at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Style and Tone: No real moral to each episode
Themes: Relationships, office politics,
Locale: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Main Characters and How they Relate:
Michael Scott: Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch who oversees the daily operations. A well-intentioned man whose attempts at humor, while seemingly innocent to himself, often offend his peers and employees, and in some situations lead to reprimanding from his superior: Jan Levinson.
Jim Halpert
Pam Beesley
Dwight Schrute
Ryan Howard
Kevin Malone
Oscar Martinez
Phyllis Lapin
“Office Olympics”
Written by: Michael Schur
A Story: Jim and Pam hold the first Dunder-Mifflin Olympic Games in the office.
B Story: Michael and Dwight go out of the office on a “work-related” condo search for Michael.
Cold open: * Michael is in the office early, calling Ryan to come to the office early. * Ryan arrives to the office with a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, thinking he came in early for a “work-related” issue. * Michael tells Ryan he needed him to bring the biscuit and that he can have the rest of the office to himself, which Ryan replies he will nap in his car until the workday begins.
Act One: * Michael and Dwight speak to the camera about becoming Michael becoming a homeowner. * Jim lets his head fall on his desk, due to boredom from expense reports described by Pam, who have a deal that when Jim is bored, it is Pam’s job to revive him. * Jim walks over to Pam at reception where Pam tells Jim she often throws balls of paper into Dwight’s coffee mug when Dwight is not at his desk. * Jim makes several attempts to throw balls of paper into Dwight’s coffee mug. * Dwight asks Michael if he is ready to leave to close on his new condo and if his lawyer will be there. * Michael says he does not need a lawyer, which prompts Dwight to ask to be his representative. Michael denies Dwight’s attempt at being his representative, but with persuasion, Michael agrees to Dwight joining him to the closing of his condo. * Dwight compares to himself and Michael to Butch Cassidy and Mozart.
Act Two: * Michael informs Pam that he and Dwight are leaving, instructing her to make sure everyone finishes their expense reports by the end of the day. * Jim walks over to Oscar’s desk to ask questions regarding the expense reports, which causes Jim to see a paper with “2005 season” on Oscar’s desk. * Oscar explains it is a scoreboard for a paper football game that he and Kevin play when Michael is out of the office or when they are bored. * Jim, Oscar, and Kevin play their paper football game. * Jim asks Oscar and Kevin if they play any other games in the office and Oscar tells him to ask Toby to teach him Dunderball, which Toby and Jim play for an hour. * Michael and Dwight arrive at Michael’s condo, where Michael describes his future plans he has while living in the condo and meet Mr. Bill, the head of the Condo Association, and Carol, Michael’s realtr. * Dwight asks questions about the neighborhood, which prompts Mr. Bill and Carol to describe the “gay friendly neighborhood”. * Michael shows the documentary crew his new condo, and plans on how to furnish his condo, while Dwight points out the many problems of the new condo to Michael. * Jim and Pam bring the Dunder-Mifflin employees into the breakroom to begin the first “Dunder-Mifflin Olympiad”. * Dwight asks Michael about the type of mortgage he will have. * Carol explains it’s a 10 year fixed mortgage over 30 years, which Michael was unaware of, and this makes Michael start to feel uneasy. * Jim and Pam introduce the first event: “Flonkerton” or “Box of Paper Snowshoe Racing” in English, the event where Kevin and Phyllis race each other, which Phyllis wins. * Michael starts to criticize Carol about the condo in order to back out of closing and asks for a price reduction. * Carol informs Michael he will lose seven thousand dollars if he backs out. * Michael and Dwight eat lunch on the floor of Michael’s new condo. * Kevin participates in the next event: seeing how many M&M’s he can stuff into his mouth but because nobody wanted to face him, he wins by default. * Michael offers Dwight to be his roommate in order for Michael to afford his condo. * Dwight asks questions that annoy Michael enough to retract his offer. * Employees gather outside the building’s elevator, taking bets on who will come on the elevator, which Ryan wins. * Oscar and Toby face each other in racing around the office without spilling a cup of coffee and Michael and Dwight return to the office mid-race, causing everyone to return to their desks and get back to work. * Jim walks over to Pam’s desk to ask for a favor: notify everyone of closing ceremonies for the Dunder-Mifflin office Olympics at 5pm. * Jim congratulates Michael on his condo, and asks him to walk out of his office for closing ceremonies. * Michael is awarded a gold medal from Jim for closing on his condo, causing Michael to cry, Dwight is awarded the silver medal from Jim, and Jim awards himself the bronze medal.
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