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Breastfeeding and Newborns

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Research Critique, Part1

Article Used: LaanteraS, Polkki T, Pietila A-M. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2011; 17: 72-84, “A descriptive qualitative review of the barriers relating to breast-feeding counseling”

Problem Statement:
Breast-feeding is not only an intimate and bonding experience for many new mothers, but important and very healthy for newborns. Breast-feeding provides newborns with antibodies, and protects them from many health problems along with fighting diseases ( However to know this important information, breast-feeding counseling is a great aid in helping new parents learn all about its benefits. While breast-feeding counseling is beneficial, many parents and mothers do not know about it and many barriers exist. In an article by Laantera et al, called “A descriptive qualitative review of the barriers relating to breast-feeding counseling”, these barriers are identified and can be helpful in developing future measurements to assess barriers for breast-feeding counseling. Little research has been conducted previously on barriers to breast-feeding counseling, which makes this an important topic and problem to address. This topic is also important to discuss because despite breast-feeding benefits, only 35% of infants worldwide are exclusively breast-fed for 6 months (WHO, 2009).

Purpose and Research Question:
The main purpose of this study was to describe barriers in breast-feeding counseling considering it from the viewpoint of health professionals (Laantera, p.72) Along with this main purpose, the authors ask questions such as “What are the most commonly described barriers in breast-feeding counseling?” Qualitative methods such as a qualitative review was conducted to answer the research question and to support the aim of the study. The purpose of the study ties in with the...

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