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Breastfeeding Is Bad for Business

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| Breastfeeding is Bad for Business | How Nestle creates dependency in the developing world |

| Wrtitten by Jinny PagleInternational Business 868 Strategies in Emerging and Developing EconomiesProfessor Gerardo UngsonSan Francisco State University MBA Program12/5/2011 | |

Introduction A system exists on our planet; A system in which certain regions of the globe are continuously dominated by others. Because of this system, we observe poorer countries stripped of their resources and limited in their abilities to develop. Around the 16th century, when the major continents were for the first time all aware of each other, nations and regions began to emerge as economically dominant and dominated. We observe a coordinated effort to implement this system of domination and dependence in the first colonizers. Many centuries later, this system still exists. It has evolved into a system with a global capitalist, consumerist, profit maximizing, goal. Even more interesting, this system is no longer controlled by nations.
The very governments which encouraged strong capitalist minded companies are no longer in control of the supra-national organizations. Multinational companies, having exhausted their home markets, have reached to the underdeveloped regions in search of resources, and ultimately profits, in an effort to continue growing their business. Successful firms with flourishing international businesses and markets are not necessarily a negative outcome. The situation we see today however involves a world in which several multinational companies actively search for profits in the third world, regions in which people may not have enough resources to adequately support themselves in the first place.
“We are part of an economic pattern which stimulates desires rather than satisfy needs in order to perpetuate itself.” These...

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