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1. The advantages of CNS taking Breathe Right strips into international market are the demand for the product internationally, the interest in a product that is drug-free, and the interest of a new product. The Breathe Right strips have two main target groups, people who have sinus congestion problems and every athlete. These target groups are available all around the world and it creates demand for the product. The Breathe Right strips are very popular because there are no side effects and the medicine is not being digested. People are very conscious of what they are eating; they are always looking for home remedies to cure an illness. People are trying to stay away from medical drugs because while they may treat a certain illness, it comes with a good amount of side effects. The Breathe Right strips did not have any of these issues. Finally, whenever a new product that has such popularity from athletes and is a drug-free product, it will cause interest. People like to try new products. One major disadvantage of CNS taking Breathe Right strips into international market is the cost. When taking a product intro the international market, the characteristics of the target group vary. Every country has its own cultural values and beliefs. Standardizing the product will make the cost lower but the sales low as well, while localizing the product will have higher sales but the cost for it will be very high. When deciding to sell the product in each country, CNS has decide how to do promotion for each country, how much should the product cost in each country, how should the product looking in each country, etc. All of this cost quite a lot of money and time.
a. An advantage to CNS of using its three-stage process to enter a new global market is that it specifically outlines what needs to be done and you cannot move onto the next stage until the previous…...

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