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Bribery and Lobbying

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Bribery is a form of corruption. An example of bribery is giving money or a gift to a teacher to get a good grade. Lobbying is an attempt by a group or individual to influence the decision of someone or a group or even a public official. There is a major difference between bribery’s and lobbying. Lobbying is a legal form of actively supporting a cause or position while bribery involves the giving of money or other incentives to persuade somebody, in authority, to do something that is dishonest or illegal. Bribes are unmistakably considered to be unethical, but people's opinions change when seen in past situations whether they participated in offered bribes themselves or not. Persons, who did not offer bribes, judge those who offered them and those who accepted them more critically than other people.

The SLOC can say that the gifts and medical care that was given was not intent to bribe but an attempt to help some of the members of the IOC. The SLOC paid for medical expenses for a person that had hepatitis. So easily they can say that the reason free medical care was provided was to make this influential member of the IOC better and that was their intent. Under the FCPA it does not matter how much money or the value of anything given it is the intent for what you are doing it for. If you intent is not a good intent then that is considered bribery. I also don’t think the entire community should be held responsible for something that the members violated.

Punishment for violation of ethical and legal principles should be jail and community services and also fines if applicable. I think giving back to the community is one of the main punishments that I would opposed on citizens that violate ethical and legal principles. I say this because In order to be convicted of this type of crime you had to be taking away from the community an some way form of fashion. At the end of the day no matter what I think the Punishment should be the state for which this type of crime is commented in the punishment varies state to state. I also think that an entire community should not be punish for something that the members violated. The community should come together and lobby bribery.

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