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Brica Family Treatment Plan

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Brice Family Assessment/Treatment Plan
Christina Blair
June 12, 2012
Shannon Anderson

Brice Family Assessment/Treatment Plan
The writre interviewed the Brice family of 5. The family consisted of a father, a mother, 2 girls and 1 boy. David, the father, is mid to late 60 year old Caucasian male. He is tall with square shoulders wearing glasses. He metacommunication
Presenting Problem
History of Problem- BRIEF
Family History
Assessment Summary:
Another important quality of the co-research position is that of valuing emotional experiences and reflections. Our understanding of the preceding conversation is that in the state of being oppressed by violence, a person is defined by the violence. The concept of choice in that state is a mirage; a woman would not choose violence, but inside of a war zone there is no violence free territory. If the person and the context of violence are separated (deconstructed through externalization) the person's preferred story of their lives outside the "war zone" context can become visible. This distinction became available in the training conversation due to the process of allowing for correction and respecting the trainees feelings of being emotionally connected or disconnected to the unique accounts of those persons oppressed by the problem.
Doherty (1991) has described negotiating meanings versus dictating a theme (p. 134).
From our reflections about the interviewing process, we have been able to articulate four qualities of the relational co-researcher position:
1. Fostering a Collaborative Attitude;
2. Valuing Emotional Experiences and Reflections;
3. Engaging in Empowering Relationships, and;
4. Diminishing the Effects of Existing Hierarchies.
We'll now present excerpts from our interviews that focused on these qualities. The collaborative effort to correct it...

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