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Brics Build a New World Order

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Something stupendous happened in the middle of a recession last year. At a time when vast swathes of Europe were being laid waste by an economic tsunami, world trade grew fastest in the last 50 years. It is not hard to figure where this growth was taking place – not in Europe or the United States.
The long anticipated South-South show is now a reality. Trade data show a paradigm shift from the advanced nations, which will show an import growth of 0.9-1 percent, while the emerging economies will exhibit import growth of 4.5-5 percent this year. What this means is that the emerging nations are trading more among themselves while the West is being edged out of the fastest growing markets.
But behind these statistics hides another story – the United States, the flagship of the Anglo-American empire, is listing. And from its shadow is emerging a new world order being drafted by the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and the latest member, South Africa.
Since the G-7 has turned into a gabfest, the BRICS will increasingly set the global economic agenda. This is not a replay of the Great Game – geopolitical manoeuvres aimed at top dog status – though you can never discount that possibility entirely. The BRICS have no empire ambitions, and in fact are a diverse group of multi-ethnic nations with very little in common. Russia and South Africa are literally and racially poles apart, and India and China are on opposite ends of the freedom index.
This rainbow coalition is as far removed from the racially homogenous Anglo-American empire as it could possibly be. But what brings them together is a common desire to clean up the huge mess created by the current regime.
Take high oil prices. Western intervention in Iraq is largely responsible for ballooning oil prices. If oil had prices had increased organically – like the price of any other industrial...

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