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Chapter 8 Designing Lean Systems
Video Case: Lean Systems at Autoliv
Q1. Why is a visual management approach such an integral part of Autoliv’s lean system?

Visual management is when a visual aid/device promotes more efficient and less wasteful processes. As mentioned in the text, a visual aid methodology that is commonly used is the Five S (5S). This method helps to organize, clean, develop, sustain, and sustaining a productive work environment (Krajewski, Ritzman, Malhotra, 2013). The 5S’s are: sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain (Krajewski, Ritzman, Malhotra, 2013). The 5S practices enable workers to be able to see what they need to get done in a different manner, and can even provide a greater focus.
Visual management is a big part of Autoliv’s system because they depend on each employee recognizing when there is a problem and correcting it as soon as possible, which helps eliminate waste. In a lean system, a business has to reorganize any process that creates waste or even eliminate it. So, each employee has different responsibilities, which has to be done in a certain time and also relies on the quality of the product.

The visual communication method is to use a “rail” for the management of the heijunka cards in each cell. The rail has color-coded sections. These sections

provide instant identification of cell status and can trigger escalation of that condition to management where appropriate. As each card is delivered, it

slides down a color-coded railing to the team. At the end nearest the cell, the rail is green indicating any cards hanging in this area can be completed

within normal working hours. The middle of the rail is yellow, indicating that overtime for the cell is required for that day, which also triggers

notification of the AMG (group leader). The far end of the rail is red, signifying that weekend...

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