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Brief Summary Of The Alamo And Davy's Voluntary

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Davy arrived at the Alamo on February 8,1835, just before the battle of the Alamo started.Davy protected the weakest wall of the alamo.Davy Crockett was the frontiersmen of Tennessee that was abused as a young boy and sold out to a stranger to herd cattle in Virginia that he had to walk on foot which was 400 miles.Crockett was one of the most well-known soldiers like Jim Bowie. Born August 17,1786 in Greene County, Tennessee and died March 6,1836, in San Antonio at the Battle of the Alamo. Crockett was fifth of nine children. He was taught to shoot a rifle at the age of 8 by his father and at the age of 13 attended school for the first time. After only 4 days, he ran away. At the age of 16 he returned home to his family to help his father pay off a debt.kest wall of the Alamo that was made of sticks shoved in the ground. …show more content…
Davy was the sniper at the Alamo because of the rifle that he named “Old Betsy”. Davy was elected congressmen but soon dropped out because he said that being in congress was too hard and that it took too much of his time. Controversy surrounds his reason for going to the Alamo. He was there when it was attacked and he died when it fell.Davy was proud that he was feared by Santa Anna and most of the Mexican army.One reason the army feared him is because he could sneak up on them or could shoot them at ong distances without being seen.Another reason was because he could track them and catch up with them all in a day and kill them before they went to sleep. Crockett's death at the Alamo made him more famous than his political activities did. He fought in the Battle of the Alamo - after an appeal from William Barret Travis,the commander in charge – from the control of the Mexican General Santa

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