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Briefer for Process Selection

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Process Selection is basically the way goods or services are made or delivered, which influences numerous aspects of an organization, including capacity planning, layout of facilities, equipment and design of work systems. Process selection is primarily used during the planning of new products or services that is subject to technological advances and competition. Process selection is dependent on the company's process strategy, which has two main components: capital intensity and process flexibility. Capital Intensity is simply the combination of equipment and labor that an organization uses to accomplish some objective. Process Flexibility is as its name implies: how well a system can be adjusted to meet changes in processing requirements that are interdependent on variables such as product or service design, volume of production, and technology. Facility Layout is simply the way a facility is arranged in order to maximize processes that are not only efficient but effective towards the overall organizational goal. It is also dependent on process selection.
Within those two categories, you will also learn about technology, operations tour, process strategy, designing product layouts, and designing process layouts. The main concept between process selection and facility layout is technology. Technology is a method that is used to improve and develop various services, operation processes, and products. While process selection is used in many organizations, facility layouts signifies the work centers, implementations, and the configuration of departments by special importance on activity of work throughout the system. An example of a layout can be seen with businesses that use automation. Automation is the process of technology-sensing when one task is completed and then automatically beginning another task. This layout is very…...

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