Brigada Eskwela

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Division of Rizal
Bayugo, Jalajala, Rizal


Brigada Eskwela is one of the school activities that was implemented by the DepEd for the benefit of all students in our school. This aimed to prepare the school facilities in the next school year, through the joint effort of teachers, parents and stakeholders who engaged their time in fulfilling their roles in the upkeep of the school.
Several tasks were rendered in this program like the repair and replacement of connections of lighting facilities which was sponsored by Jun Panguito last September,2011. Improvement of school ground was also done by grass cutting, replanting and cleaning before Christmas vacation.
Last March 23, 2012, we continued working for “Brigada Eskwela” in doing minor repairs like cleaning the ceilings, walls, floor of the room by section followed by repainting. The “Student Park” was also repainted to make it convenient for the students to stay there during their vacant periods The SSG also took the tasks of cleaning, weeding and replanting of ornamental plants around it so with the school canteen, H.E. and shop room. Cutting of undesirable branches of mango trees was done and used it in fencing the garden and drift wood for orchids.
Pathwalk from Ynarez building to covered court was also constructed through Nelson Crispin and student volunteers.
Education to be effective is to have the support and cooperation of all parents, teachers, students and stakeholders for the improvement of school facilities. I believe that this activity plays a big part in students learning. Improvement of the school does not end for it is a year-round undertaking to give the students an environment conducive to learning.…...