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1.) It is understood that all group members have different schedules, however attendance is mandatory to assigned meetings during the date and times announced by the Coordinator. (Kenneth). If a group member cannot attend a meeting, they are responsible to let the group know ahead of time so they can be caught up on what they need to do.

2.) All members are expected to perform to the best of their ability, and successfully fulfill their assigned duty. If a group member does not complete their obligation to the fullest, the group, citing specifics of what needs to be completed, will ask them to redo their aforementioned obligation.

3.) Communication for activities and meetings relating to the group will be had via face-face meetings, group texts, emails, & using the provided Blackboard group tools.

4.) All differences and issues will be discussed among all members of the team and a proper decision will be made. If a decision cannot be made, it will ultimately come down to a vote where a 4-2 majority will decide the issue. If a vote resulting in a 3-3 occurs, a group compromise will occur until the vote settles in a 4-2 majority. 5.) In the case of a non-cooperative team member, the group will complete their portion of work first and foremost. Issues involving a non-compliant group member will be handled on a case-by-case basis and the group member in question will be dealt with appropriately after a group discussion and decision. If a disagreement arises on how to handle the issue with a non-cooperative team member arises, a vote will take places on how to handle the issue. The team member in question will be barred from voting. 6.) Unexpected issues will be assessed and handled accordingly. Communication from the group and instructions will be provided. However, the party or parties involved in the unexpected issue has the responsibility of communicating their predicament to the Coordinator.

7.) Completed Presentation due on the 20th. Assigned rough drafts for questions due by Feb 13th.

Coordinator: Kenneth
Recorder: Tuan
Monitor: Jorge
Checker: Garrett
Technical Manager: Leon
Floater (Assists with all aspects): Talal

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