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British Airways Human Resource Management Stretagies


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Assessment of British Airways Human Resource Management Strategies In a human body, heart is the most important part form where we can judge whether body working fine or not. In the same way in any organization the most important asset is employees. And to maximize their assets, management should always manage the employees working condition with intelligence and efficiency. If employees of any organization are well managed, the organizations mostly do very well. It is therefore necessary to work on development, building, motivation, enhancement and enrichment of the employees.

In general every organization believes that Human Resource (HR) offers them reasonable advantage. These advantages can be

Quality work force

Quality culture etc.

The Strategic Human Resource Management ensures that the employees or human capital of an organization contributes towards its achievements with their performance, knowledge and skills. The Traditional Human Resource is only concerned with the implementation of the policies like:





But when general HRM plug into the organization’s strategy the outcome of HR department more scope to increase the abilities of their workforce and focus on the vision and mission. This connection is made to improve the organization performance and develop organizational culture which in turn facilitates innovation and flexibility. Overall the key principle of Strategic HRM is to achieve organization’s vision and mission.

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But in this globalized and

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