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British Drinking Habits

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1. Give an account of British drinking habits based on the three newspaper articles (150 words)

Here in Europe there are many people who drink. Most of them are girls. The girls are more likely to get drunk than the boys. Many young girls, following the famous stars and wants to be like them. There was made a European study that tells, those young girls in the age of 15 to 16 years old who becomes parents, with unplanned pregnancies and injuries. They found that more than half of the teenagers were drinking in the past month.
Even young children in the age of 12, are starting to drink 19 glasses of wine a week. There had also been made an investigation, which showed that the 12 to 13-year-olds drank 28 or more units of alcohol in the last week. Beer, larger and cider are popular choices with boys, while girls are opting for wine and liquor.

2. Why do you think people begin to drink? Peer pressure, curiosity or is it a rite of passage?

Many young boys and girls drink in order to have fun and, they think it is exciting. It’s funnier to be together with others and to become drunk. But there is a group that drinks alcohol of totally different reasons, example to get in better mood or to forget problems.

3. Write a comment on the issue of being drinking. Make sure you argue for your points of view (150 – 200 words)
When very young teenager’s drink very much, there is a greater risk of that they are involved in accidents or in other wrong things. For an example it could be, by having unsafe sex, driving drunk, being involved in fights, take drugs or have social problems such as conflicts with friends and parents.
Start drinking in a young age, is very bad for your health, because when you start drinking a lot of alcohol, you are going to intoxicate you liver, kidneys and the body’s blood vessels. When this alcohol intoxication in the body, have...

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