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About The Report:
In this report we are focusing on the product information, how the Wimax technology has revolutionized the world and how particularly Qubee Wimax is working in Bangladesh.
The flaws in marketing strategies that Qubee adopted when their product was launched and the changes later on they made in their strategies to get a better market response.
Everyone in business can benefit from being connected to the internet.
You can keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and even advertise your business to other internet users. The speed and reliability of a Qubee connection could really transform the way your business works.
Qubee has a team of professionals dedicated to serve your corporate and business needs. These teams will also be able to offer you some special packages especially designed for business needs.

Executive Summary:
WiMAX is a Worldwide Interoperability of Microwave Access. WiMAX is described in IEEE 802.16e Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) standard which has recently been introduced in Bangladesh by AD consortium Qubee. It is expected that WiMAX compliant systems will provide fixed wireless alternative to conventional DSL and Cable Internet. Qubee Wimax is using Motorola's WiMAX technology to provide wireless fixed broadband data services for residential and corporate use. The company is using WIMAX as a cost effective and fast-to-deploy broadband solution, as part of its strategy to create a world-class communications network in Bangladesh. It brings you the ability to communicate and connect via voice with your family, clients and business partners seamlessly. But Qubee Wimax faced criticism by the customers due to some flaws in their technology and services. They couldn’t get that much appreciation in the market as the company was expecting. People were unaware of the technology...

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