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Brother and Sister Become a Sun and Moon

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Brother and sister become a sun and moon

Once upon a time, a mother lived with her son daughter. They were living in a poor household because they did not have enough food for surviving. Before mother leaved the house in order to get some rice cakes from a market, she requested to their children to keep the door locked.
The ways returning to house, mother encounter a hungry tiger which required the rice cake to filling haps in its stomach. The suggestion was that when she gave a rice cake to tiger, he was not going to invade her. However, mother refused that suggestion because she had to give rice cake for her children. Even though mother explained the situation of her household, tiger invaded her and ate all of the rice cake.
However, the tiger was still hungry and therefore he decided to go children to eat them. When tiger arrived the house where the two children lived, he pretend with mother to open the door, children felt strange atmosphere, therefore children check out the mother’s hand. It had fur! Mother did not have fur, so children run away out of home and pray to god at top of tree. As soon as, the rope came down from the sky, they jumped to rope very quickly and going up to sky. By contrast, the tiger got rotten rope and therefore tiger was fall down at a thornbush and had painful death.
Brother and sister still go up through the sky and met god. God had pity on them and therefore brother became a sun and sister became a moon.

-The End-

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