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2 November 2015

Bruce Lee Illustration Essay Bruce Lee, a martial arts film star born in San Francisco, California, has greatly impacted modern action films, even in the years following his death. Through his acting roles in both China and the United States, he forever changed the media industry and paved the way for more Asian actors and actresses to become successful in America. His tremendous influence on global culture not only brought more acceptance and acknowledgement of Asian film stars, but also a higher amount of Americans inspired to enroll in martial arts classes. During the short span of his lifetime, Lee truly prospered and made a name for himself as one of the greatest historical figures
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He also paid strict attention to his food consumption and took vitamins and Chinese herbs at times," (Bruce Lee Foundation). Bruce’s dedication to the state of his health later influenced him to open his own martial arts school where he taught a new, self created form of kung fu, Jeet Kune Do, to his pupils. As he continued his teachings, he gained a lot of attention from many important martial arts figures and became extremely popular in China when he returned to visit his home in Hong Kong. His hard work and diligence in his training led to great success in his homeland’s film industry and even more when he came back to the United …show more content…
Through Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, he also essentially created parkour or freerunning, a now popular training discipline. He made martial arts available to people of all descents, giving everyone the opportunity to learn under him. Soon, martials arts was very well known and his Jeet Kune Do classes were in high demand, especially by fans of his action

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