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Brunnstrom's Psychodynamic Theory Summary

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These method is used for normal muscle tone. For example, reaching for a cup, in order for you to reach for it you must be able to lift your arm up continuously and fluidly. Rood's introduced the ontogenic rule. He believes that baby can facilitate the muscle by putting the baby from supine, to sidely, to prone, to 4 point, to stand , then last the baby can be able to walk . You might not seen this to other Babies because some of them skips one or two ontegenic rule. Rood's treatment principle is to use the reflexes in the nect and in the body. When you put a baby into prone position and do fast stroking, you will see an atonic reflex where the neck goes to extension. It also use sensory receptors like heat, muscle coordination and the action of the large muscle first then followed by the synergist. It involves Cutaneous similation that facilitate light moving touch, fast brushing and icing . The other one is Proprioceptive stimulation. It instigate voluntary joint and muscle receptors. It facilitates quick stretch like pulling the flexed arm down. Tapping on the chin if the client had Dysphasia . Vibration on the area. And last Joint compression, usually used in the shoulder to activate the receptors. …show more content…
This therapy facilitates the pattern by doing the same action of the affected limbs. This approach is commonly used by people with CVA and CNS involvement. The client must progress with the use of the synergies for motor learning and training.


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