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Bryn Mawr Case

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II. VIEWPOINT: President John Fargo

III. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: How will Bryn Mawr National Bank maintain its position in the market?

IV. STATEMENT OF THE OBJECTIVE: To consistently increase deposits every branch of Bryn Mawr National Bank by at least 10% annually.


Internal Environment
The bank utilized a variety of media. Further the bank would contribute to or co-sponsor local sporting or theatrical events. The bank did engage in the practice of giving premiums or gifts for opening new accounts or substantially expanding current accounts.

The area which the bank serves is predominantly residential, and most of the homes are owner occupied. Starting 1979, the bank established branch operations in the adjoining towns either in shopping centers or on heavily traveled main roads. There are now four branches, one each in Wynwood, Bala, Haveford and Villanova.In addition, there is a branch on the western edge of Bryn Mawr near location of the light manufacturing industry in the area. These branches are located in leased space and are typically one of several tenants in the same building. All branches and the head office have ATMs. In order to meet the competition of the other banks in the area, the Byrn Mawr National Bank provides a full range of services. These include regular checking accounts, savings account, traveler checks, safe deposit boxes, safe deposit storage of valuable, trust service, drive-in window service, a night depository, banking by mail, certificates of deposit, purchase and sale of securities for customers without a broker, correspondent services, commercial foreign letters of credit, individual foreign letters of credit, as well as VISA and MASTERCHARGE credit cards. To meet the needs of its...

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