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Riordan Manufacturing Business Plan


Riordan Manufacturing Business Plan

Overview Riordan Manufacturing creates plastic designs and makes plastic products through a custom use of plastic injection molding. A few major customers who purchase materials from Riordan are automotive parts manufacturers aircraft, the Department of Defense, beverage makers and bottlers, and appliance manufacturers . Currently, Riordan Manufacturer has three plants located in Pontiac, Michigan; Hangzhou, China; and Albany, Georgia. Each plant supplies specialized products to customers. Riordan’s corporate headquarters is in San Jose, California and is also the location for the company’s research and development. With the popularity of these high-tech designed products Riordan is increasing in sales and growth. Riordan Manufacturing’s global business currently employs 550 people at the four locations. The company projects it will have annual earnings of over $46 million, and because Riordan Industries owns it; a Fortune 1000 enterprise, continued growth, and expansion is likely. To improve management of this profitable and growing company; it needs to review existing business systems. This review will show the current system including: finance and accounting, sales and marketing, human resources, legal, and operations. After this review has been accomplished; recommended business system and subsystem needs will be addressed. The goal is to create a system plan for the entire Riordan Manufacturing Corporation that will improve upon the current system design to provide better management. Finance and Accounting System

Currently, Riordan’s finance and accounting System has not been able to provide a flawless and fluid operation. With the company revenue in excess of $1 billion dollars, it is...

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