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Current Business Process Summary

Kudler Fine Foods current business system consists of three locations that all have several point of sale (POS) terminals that are running on WIN9x and are connected to a Novell 4.11 server through a local Ethernet network. The remote locations have access to the companies Microsoft office server that houses the companies inventory spreadsheet and database through 56k modems.

Proposed System Requirements
The proposed system requirements for Kudler Fine Foods were developed based on the need for a complete overhaul of their current system. The areas that we are looking at are:
* Interface – Our team will be designing a new user interface (UI) that will be straightforward and easy to use. The aim will be to create a system that does not require much learning to reduce downtime for training.
* Modules – The new system will be split into multiple modules that different departments will have access to, but all modules will tie into the central server. The exact specifications for each module will be determined after we have an information gathering session with Kudlers managers and employees.
* Infrastructure – Everything will be designed from the ground up, so we are completely updating their infrastructure to take into account the stress that the new system will be applied to, the fact that they will be integrating a new customer loyalty program, modern security standards, and improved internet speed and access.
* Security – It is vital in todays marketplace that customer’s information be secured and Kudler has made it known to us that they take their customer’s information seriously. It is for these reasons that we will ensure that security is added into every facet of our development.
* Database Design – Lastly we want to create a create a database that will be robust and quick. Kudler employees will be…...