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Nearly every grocery store has a frequent shopper program. The program benefits both the store and it’s customers by creating an incentive for shoppers to return to the store for their grocery needs. Kudler Fine Foods plans to implement a frequent shopper program of their own, but they first need to make a plan and create a system for their program. Before implementing a frequent shopper program, Kudler Fine Foods needs to identify the goals of their program, determine the degree of success for the project, summarize the project feasibility, analyze their current business process, and identify system requirements.
Scope and Goals Like any frequent shopper program, Kudler Fine Foods want customers to always return to their grocery store by providing an incentive for customers and at the same time obtain information on customer purchase behavior to help them mold their services around the customers needs. The program will offer high value rewards through a partnership with a loyalty rewards program. Customers will obtain points by purchasing items at Kudler Fine Foods and eventually be able to use those points to obtain rewards. Some of the rewards include first-class airline upgrades, specialty foods, and other high-end gift items. In this program, Kudler Fine Foods also plans to provide discounts to customers for their purchase frequency. Kudler Fine Foods hopes that these rewards and discounts will provide enough incentive for customers to continuously return to their stores. In the process, Kudler will be collecting marketing information by requiring customers to sign up for the program, giving the store their demographic information. They will also be tracking purchase behaviors and patterns to better service the customers of their different stores.
Determining Success Success of this project will be determined by multiple factors. One factor is the amount...

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