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Bsa/376 Sdlc Learning Team Final Paper

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Patton Fuller Community Hospital
Team A
BSA 376
John Neels
March 20, 2013

Outline for Patton Fuller Community Hospital

Providers- These people will view quality in the technical sense such as accuracy of the diagnosis, appropriateness of therapy, and the resulting health outcome of the patients.
Payers- These are the people who are focused on the cost effectiveness of the project and hospital.
Employers- These are the people who want to manage cost, and the quality care that is offered to the patient.
Patients- These are the people who want to have compassionate care and a clear communication with their physician.
Preliminary Assignments and Task:
Task 1- Determine Scope
Task 2- Determine Grouping
Task 3- Assess availability of workload data and system
Task 4- Develop Baseline Costs
Task 5- Decide type of competition task 6-Develop the Schedule
Task 7-Roles and Responsibilities

Patton Fuller Community Hospital is seeking the development of their patient management system. They would like to have a more unified patient experience when it comes to their patient management system. Patton Fuller Community hospital would like to be able to track their patients check in’s, the patient’s appointments, and the patient’s surgeries. Being able to do so will help them to have more control of their patient experience as they are wanting. Setting a system for Patton Fuller Community Hospital that offers better management of their patients will allow them to offer quality care to their patients.
Patton Fuller Community Hospital wants to change their patient management system to a system that is easier to track their patient’s check-ins, appointments, and surgeries. In this project the following will be needed to ensure that the project meets the requirements of the Patton Fuller Community Hospital employees. The first step will be to set...

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